The Last Mom To Blog About Mother's Day

All of our family holidays have been full of change this year...but there is one thing that always stays the same...LORELAI! She continues to be the center of attention and always gives me a constant to look forward to. Mother's Day was no different. I love this kid.
Here is a list of my Mother's Day weekend highlights (of course i extend it into an entire weekend...who wouldn't?!?!)

friday: big burgers at red robin, watched half of Goldfinger (young Sean Connery SO HOT!), then off to bed with EAR PLUGS!!!

saturday: slept in until 8:30, tim made french toast, lazy family morning, sipped green tea and read Something Borrowed (while tim and lorelai napped), actually got BORED at one point because we relaxed so much, went to partridge creek to see State of Play, dinner at PF Chang's, finished Goldfinger, then off to bed with EAR PLUGS AGAIN!!!

Sunday: church, NAP!, b-b-q at m.i.l.'s, PRESENTS, then got sucked into studying the stock market for an hour (but that's ok, because i love my husband), then a bubble bath and book :)

I vote to skip Christmas this year and substitute it with another Mother's Day. Don't argue with me...I know where to find some big sticks.

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