A Must-Do Family Day!

Would you believe that just a little over 10 miles from the hustle and bustle of Hall Road and Lakeside Mall you can experience:
fields of corn
dirt roads
roadside produce stands
big old barns

I've always know that most of Michigan is in fact country...I just didn't realize that such a beautiful spectacle was so close to my house!
Today I ventured out with Lorelai to Wolcott Mill. It is located near Romeo Plank Road and extends between 31 and 26 Mile Road. You can find all the details here. The park offers many things to experience, (including a historic grist mill and hiking trails) but our focus today was the farm center.
I can't express how much I enjoyed the ride to Wolcott Mill. We took Schoenherr to 26 Mile Road, 26 east to Romeo Plank Road, Romeo Plank north to 31 Mile, and 31 east to Wolcott Road (which you take south to the Farm Center entrance. I would drive this again JUST for the view. The stretch of 31 Mile we took is a dirt road as was Wolcott. I highly recommend this route if you (like I) adore a hilly, tree lined dirt road. I had to stop myself from pulling over and taking a picture!
The farm center is located at the northern end of the park. Lorelai and I enjoyed getting up close to chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, ponies, a donkey, dairy cows, and a baby cow.

All the animals were friendly and, as you can see, the grounds of the farm are quite picturesque (good for us photo lovers!).
The farm center was offering hay rides today for $4 (which also included cider and a doughnut). I was going to pass up a ride...until I saw that it was a HORSE DRAWN hay cart! I couldn't resist!

We were sad that daddy wasn't with us...but we can't wait to go back! During October Wolcott will be running hayrides out to their pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin! There will also be a farm Halloween event and trick or treat event as well as Santa events in December. GO!


Chalupa Gets An Authentic Outfit

If you've ever heard me call Lorelai "Loopie" and wondered how that started...well, here's how: For like the first three months of her life we kept her swaddled quite a bit. It really kept her calm and helped her sleep well. Tim commented that she looked like a taco bell chalupa one day, so, we started calling her "chalupa". "Chalupa" eventually got shortened to "Loopie", so, there you have it!

This past week Tim was in Mexico and got to visit the marketplace on his downtime. He picked up a handmade dress for Lorelai. I think he said that after haggling he got it for $9. I think that's a steal considering all the hand embroidery on it. I know it's not something you'd see at BabyGap, but I think it's a beautiful dress because of all the handiwork.

Bad Idea #236

Since Loop and I are on our own this weekend (and I finally started to crash after the week's events), I decided that I'd stay in my jammies and take a nap when Loop went down for her morning nap.
This worked out great until she was up and I hadn't yet had a shower (which I usually take care of while she sleeps).
Since she is walking, we no longer have any exersaucer-type mechanisims with which to restrain her. Hmmm...what to do?
(It just occurred to me that DUH! Why didn't I just put her in her crib with toys like I usually do in this case?)
Hopefully lack of sleep makes you dumb...or else I have no excuse.
ANYWAY, what I decided to do was to lock her in the bathroom with me while I showered. My bathroom is probably roughly the size of your master bedroom closet. I was actually going to measure it so emphasize the point, but I'm tired.
So, I bring a few toys to hold her attention and hop in the shower.
Did she play with any of the toys? NO! She kept walking from one end of the shower curtain to the other opening it as far as she could...the floor got soaked and so did she. And, just for you, I re-enacted the scene so you could see how cute she looked.

I Remeber...Haunted Houses

Somewhere around junior high, I developed a fascination with scary things. I remember riding my bike a mile or so to the local library to check out R.L. Stine books. My mom and I took turns scaring each other by hiding a rubber rat and mask. My cousin and I would spend hours decorating her living room with as many Halloween decorations as we could afford from Rite Aid with our allowances. I remember one time we even threw a Halloween sleepover at her house. And, of course, we began renting scary movies!
Once my cousin and I got a little older, we began seeking out the local haunted attractions. When October rolled around, we would hit up the local Taco Bell for a Fear Finder newspaper. We'd pour over the paper searching for which haunted attraction we'd attend that year. I think mostly we made our decision based on which were the closest and offered a coupon...but hey, we felt adventurous. I remember we attended a few haunted hayrides and once we even ventured into a legitimately scary haunted house attraction. I spent most of the time hanging on to my cousin and her friend for dear life.
I guess I was a chicken-turned-scare-lover-wannabe.
Yesterday at the cider mill, I spotted a stack of Fear Finder papers and I couldn't resist bringing one home. I read it today with the fervor that some women read Cosmo. It seems to me that the haunted house industry has expanded both in number and in scariness! I had to type this during the day lest some of the images in the paper keep me awake. Here are some of the most memorable haunted attraction names (in my expert opinion):

Wrong Turn Campground and Bloody Butcher House
The Hellevator
Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum (seriously, save your money...the ad is scary enough)
Haunted Winery (this one caught my eye ;) )

The neatest thing I learned while reading this paper? There will be a MASS WEDDING PERFORMED BY WOLFMAN AT THE EREBUS HAUNTED HOUSE ON HALLOWEEN. Yes, there is actually a guy who dresses up as wolf man and is legally able to marry you. Wow.

Some of the scariest claims made by various ads:
"We put terror in your face!"
"Over 70 live executioners, zombies, victims, and a lot of dead things!"

I guess gas and grocery prices and a trillion dollar war aren't scary enough for some people...because they are paying in upwards of $20 for this stuff.
It's (minorly) tempting to (attempt) to hit up one of these haunted attractions with Tim. I think that fall is innately spooky...it gets darker earlier, all our beautiful summer foliage dies, and that good old chill returns to the air. I look forward to seeing kids dressed up and trick-or-treating. I know not everyone believes that there should be a holiday that celebrates being scared...but there is still this kid in me that wants to embrace that! But, lets face it...I'm still just a chicken-turned-scare-lover-wannabe. I would spend $15 or $20 just to dig my nails into Tim's arm and bury my head into his shoulder while simultaneously causing him hearing damage with my screams.


Guess I Just Drew the Short Straw...

This week turned into a bit of a head banger. Tim was out of town on business Monday through Friday. Well, lucky me, Lorelai was sick MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY! On Monday she acted funny on and off and ran a low grade fever. At 8 pm I put her down thinking that I'd paid my dues for the day and could kick back and relax. It's probably a good thing I did (for a few hours at least) because when I went to go to bed at 11:30, I heard Lorelai talking to herself. I figured she was just kinda wondering where her pacifier was, so I let it go while I got ready for bed...buuut, it just didn't stop. I went in to check on her. As soon as I opened her door, I was hit with the smell OF THE INSIDE OF A COFFIN FROM 1890!!! I pick her up, and her pj's are wet. I think you can infer what happened next.
As soon as I get her changed into clean pj's, strip her bed, and put on clean sheets, I pick up my poor crying 100 degree fever baby and SHE HAD POOED THROUGH THE CLEAN PJ'S!
OK...3rd pair of pj's for the night are on and I make Lorelai some Gatorade. I figure we are in for a long nite, so I take a chair cushion, lay it on her floor and sleep in her room with her.
(positive side of being up with a feverish diarrhea baby at midnight? she sleeps until 8:30 am)
Next day, we have all kinds of science experiment diapers and grammie comes over with pad thai for mommy (enormous shout out to sy thai) and yogurt and pedilyte for loopie, who entertains us with some man sized toots.
Since Lorelai took such a long nap in the morning that day, I decided not to give her a second nap. This seemed to be a fine idea...until it was 10:30 pm I had a baby that freaked out if I even took her near her crib. I have NEVER had any significant sleeping troubles with Lorelai, so this was majorly odd. I knew she was beyond exhausted and had probably gotten a second wind BAD! I still wonder how late she would have stayed up if I'd had let her. I still figured it would be another long nite, so I was planning on sleeping on her floor AGAIN. I really felt mean, but I was pretty worn out, so I decided to see if she'd fall asleep if she thought I was sleeping. I put her in her crib and layed down on my little makeshift cot and acted like I was out, For 10 minutes she cried...then she stopped...after 5 minutes of silence I got up to turn off the light...
I seriously saw one of the most disturbing sights in my LIFE!!!
Lorelai was sitting up in her crib with her eyes half open and unfocused and was swaying back and forth! She looked like something that belongs in a seance...or a haunted house. THE KID FELL ASLEEP SITTING UP! I seriously thought I wouldn't fall asleep that night!
After 10 more minutes, after 11pm, I'm sure, I finally had a sleeping baby.
A sleeping baby that still got up at 7 am.
The next day (Wednesday) Lorelai vacillated between looking fine and being highly irritable to the point of not being able to sleep. She still wasn't eating much.
Time for the Doctor!
Despite all I had been through with her I was still majorly afraid that I'd show up at the Doctor's and they'd say "She's fine!" I was kinda relieved when he said that her stomach was majorly gurggly and that she was suffering from a stomach virus.
I will also say that I think the stickers they give the kids at check-out are magical, because soon after the appointment, she was on her way to recovery!
I asked the Dr. if she could be around other kids...he said, and I quote, "It depends how much you like them."
I like this dude.
We, in fact, very much like our little friends, so I knew that we'd be staying away from them this week. I had been looking forward to a Thursday AND Friday play date (especially after being stuck home with a sick baby for 3 days and no hubby). When Tim got home Wednesday evening, we talked about her having to miss out (correction: ME having to miss out) on her two play dates and I started to cry!
Today (Friday) we did go out with my parents to the cider mill. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Lorelai's appetite was finally normal today, and her diapers had been normal since Thursday. I had been meaning to take her out with my parents for some time now...I feel like they are always babysitting her (which they LOVE) and haven't had the chance to see her "out and about" lately. It was a good time!
Once we all returned home with some yummy thai food, I looked over at pants-less Lorelai...and...OH MAN!
The carpet cleaned up quite well.
We are REALLY missing daddy, though. This weekend was his long-awaited annual guys weekend out near GVSU.
And this week was apparently my time to shine as Super Mommy.
I guess it is unfair to Lorelai to name this blog "Guess I Just Drew the Short Straw..." After all, I wouldn't have chosen to be the one out of town when she fell ill.
I think I shall check out the Prioroty Club website and see where I can spend some of those points on a hotel room soon, though.

Nina's ?'s

Who lets you have your way more than you should?

Uh...why shouldn't I always have my way??? LOL! My mom...anytime I mention something I want to get for Lorelai...it shows up quite fast...more reliable than Amazon.com! And, FYI, I do not take advantage of this!

According to the cliche, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but what’s the way to yours?

Well, according to the Love Languages book, my top love languages are physical touch and gifts.

Love and Gas Fumes In the Air

My thoughts on the season premier of The Office...

I really do wish I had a big brother just like Michael...being close to someone who thinks SO highly of himself no matter how stupid he is would surely benefit anyone.

If I am forced to visualize Dwight making love one more time, I may get angry.

No couple is cute enough to warrant a gas station proposal.

The proposal took place when Jim was feeling quite low and lonely...am afraid that is shaky ground to be proposing on....will it last???


Pacifier Habit Breaking...I Should Get Myself An Infomercial

So, it's the end of "No More Paci" day one. Here is the breakdown:

Morning nap: went in at 10 minutes to comfort her...almost went in after another 15, but she was already asleep!

Afternoon nap: went right to sleep (I am not making this up)

Bedtime: babbled a few words, then went right to sleep (again, this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth)

Only to add to my amazement is that after Lorelai's morning nap it became very apparent to me that she wasn't feeling well. She never had a full-on fever (99.7), but she was running "warm" on and off all day and had bouts of crankyness. When this began, I had this mental battle in my mind: "Dang...she did great without the thing for her morning nap....I REALLY dont want to give it back to her for the afternoon nap! If I dont give it back to her and she is miserable, do I suck?" I decided to see what happened, and, as you can see, it went great.
It did cross my mind to tell my husband (when he called from texas) that the whole taking-away-the-paci-shebang was going awfully. I probably could have conviced him it was taking such a toll on me that he'd have to cancel his upcomming guys' weekend so I could go to the spa.
This only occurred to me AFTER I told him how proud I was of Lorelai's progress.
I really am proud of her. We've always said that she is an "easy baby" (i guess we need to start saying "easy toddler")and after today, I'd say that title can be etched in stone for her.
I hope that this post doesn't upset moms who have tried to take away the pacifier and it just hasn't worked. Perhaps every kid has a magic age when they are ready to give it up without a fight...and maybe today was that magic age for Lorelai.
For just 5 easy installments of $19.95 your child can come to No More Paci Camp. Call me for a free evaluation.

Farewell, Dear Friend

I decided that today would be the day I break Lorelai of the pacifier habit. I just layed her down for her morning nap sans pacifier and told myself to not go back in her room for 10 minutes. Sigh.
My original plan was to stop the pacifier after she got her first few teeth. My favorite parenting book advised getting rid of the paci between 4 and 6 months. I figured that teething would be really rough with the first few teeth and that she'd appreciate having good 'ole paci around for comfort. The first tooth or 2 would probably come at 6 months, so the timing would be perfect. I was kinda right...it did provide her some comfort with those teeth, but the teething was worse with the molars which came AFTER the first few teeth...and she didn't get her 1st tooth until she was like 9 months old!
The other phase which perpetuated the paci use was the screaming phase. Most babies seem to go through this phase where they figure out "Hey! I can SCREAM! SCREAMING at random times for no reason is FANTASTIC! I especially like to do it when we are out in public!!!". No problem...just keep shoving that paci in her mouth.
(pardon me, it has been 10 minutes...)
(ok...wont go back in there for 15 minutes)
Once Lorelai turned a year old, I really started to feel that we could limit the pacifier to just in her crib. This was my personal test to see if she really needed the thing. We ran errands, attended play dates, and went out to dinner without the thing...it never was an issue like I thought it would be. "Ok!", I told myself, "we're keeping up this addiction for nothing!"
I will admit, too, that I want Lorelai to stay a baby forever. If she stops being a baby, then I'll want another one...and I'm not ready for that. Lets face it, seeing your kid with a pacifier fits that "baby" mold...kinda like having a bottle before bed...which I am still doing. Lets not talk about that today.
A few weeks ago, I knew that Tim would be out of town for 3 days, and I thought to myself, "That would be a great time to take away the pacifier!" From what I've read, 3 days seems to be the magic amount of time it takes kids to "get over it" with habits concerning sleep.
You may be asking yourself, "why would she want to do this ALONE?" Eh...I just felt like if I waited for Tim to be home for this then:
1. We would feed off each other's frustration of listening to a baby crying repeatedly.
2. It would waste a weekend. Weekends are for fun, not crying.
3. 3 days would also encompass a work day-either a Friday or a Monday...how would you like to be working in your home office while trying to tune out a crying baby all day? Poor Tim.
4. If I am able to pull this off by myself, I will probably earn myself a nice gift!!!!
(ok...it has been 15 more minutes...wait...she's quiet....SHE'S QUIET!!!!)
Oh baby! this is going better than I thought! I'll blog an update later.


Win Some Free Shoes...Really!

My friend Amy is taking entries for a great giveaway...one lucky winner will get a super cute pair of See Kai Run shoes for their kiddie. Just go to her blog for the details: http://amyclary.blogspot.com/

That's My Man...

As promised, another quote from my husband...

"So, Obama cancelled his Saturday Night Live appearance because of hurricane Ike...what's he gonna do?!?! Blow a big fart and push the hurricane back out into the ocean???"


Football Season AND Walking Season!

The long wait is over...at 14 1/2 months we finally have a walker! Lorelai had taken short walks of 5-6 steps at a time the past week-and-a-half, but yesterday, after 2 of her little friends visited, she really got inspired. We quickly invited the grandparents over to see her achievments! Trips to the park will be much more exciting now (and easier on the knees of her pants!) And we can start planning a trip to the zoo. My predictions were just right: "I bet she'll wait until the weather starts getting crappy and then she'll walk." Yep!


Are You Listening, HGTV?

When I'm alone in the evening, I often watch HGTV while I am going about the house doing this or that. If you watch this station at all, you know that many of the shows are created to help people get thier homes in the "proper" condition to be sold. I've seen probably hundreds of episodes detailing a family home that needs some revamping before it can be sold. Besides the typical makeover projects the hosts of the show will suggest, such as:
"Let's get rid of this dated wallpaper and get a neutral shade of tan on this wall!"
"What's this red tile doing on you counter??? I'm thinking GRANITE!"
"Um...ok...what's with this parade of shoes by the door??? The footwear needs to go!"
"OH! If i see one more set of mirrored closet doors..."
"I know you are passionate about (insert name of knicknacks or hobby here), but potential buyers don't want to see this"

there is one makeover task that, unlike the others, really throws me for a loop:
What they should just say is:
"Lets add in some of that art that is typically screwed to the wall at cheap hotels."
Let it be known that if you find I am a potential buyer of your house, the more family photos you can fit on the walls, the better. I have actually run out of places to put my treasured photos, and one of the biggest things I am looking for in my next home is plenty of great walls for MORE photos.
In my opinion, my photos are my greatest possesions. Literally! If I let you peek in my fire safe box, you'd see that it holds perhaps 3 "important" documents...the rest of the space in it is taken up by probably 12 cds of photos, 6 tapes from the video camera, and a cd that holds the song tim wrote for me for our wedding day.
When I walk into a home for the first time, the first thing I look for is photos. The more photos I see, the warmer it makes me feel...it makes it feel (prepare for a cheesy moment)that I am not just in a house, but a home.
I've often said that I could be happy just flipping through the albums of photos of people I don't even know. I get on the internet sometimes for photo inspiration, and suddenly and hour has gone by just looking at the porfolios of random photographers.
So, when I am house-shopping, I'll be looking for the house with the photos left on the wall. To me, that house will say:
"Look at all the memories we fit in this house! The people that lived here are just like you...they took time out of their days to capture random memories like Johnny eating his first popsicle, Sara's first ride in a wagon, and Daddy walking down the beach with the baby. They were really happy here...you can be, too."

Photo Shoot

Since a few of you were wondering, I took Lorelai's pics yesterday on the grounds of the Stony Creek Nature Center. I'd highly recommend going there if you want some great pics.
I'd like to go back to the park and do more once the leaves start changing...plus, I planned on taking more photos with the coat on, but it ended up being quite hot and sunny. poo.
I was a tad disappointed in the pics...I had all these visions of what I wanted. I had first decided I wanted to do pictures there earlier in the summer when the WHOLE field was in bloom with these purple flowers (weeds). I knew we'd probably missed the flowers and I guess most of the poses I wanted require a child who walks well. It would also have been nice if Lorelai would have taken her afternoon nap instead of refusing it. We kept trying for certain poses until I started feeling like a naughty pageant mom. I was hoping for that magical shot of the kid trouncing through the tall weeds (yes i did check for snakes) with their new super cute pea coat flapping in the breeze...didn't really happen. BUT, I'd say we got a few cute shots anyway.
How do I get a job being the person that barks ideas and orders at the photographer?


Sunny Afternoon

It occurred to me today that I won't be able to do these fun photo shoots forever...in a few more years, I'll have to promise a new toy as a reward...starting around 12, I'll have to promise a new outfit...and hopefully she'll let me do my own version of her senior pictures (make that freshman, sophomore, junior, AND senior).


Might Be Your Typical Merchandising...But At Least It's Educational

Lorelai is really taking an interest in all things Sesame Street. I really love watching her get excited about Elmo on a soup can, big bird on canned corn, Elmo on a box of crackers...man, just wait until we pick up a Sesame Street potty seat! She'll go through the roof.
Right now, PBS is running their donation drive, so, between each morning TV show, they are showing a commercial for Sesame Street Live, which is coming to the Fox in February. I've never been so excited to see a commercial because Lorelai goes nuts for it...well, ok, the exception would be that commercial for gas X...
"Your son rip is on line toot."
That one gets me every time.
So, anyway, during this Sesame Street Live commercial, they show clips of all the characters and then separate images of Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, etc. Here are Lorelai's replies:
Elmo: "Ah-Ba!"
Big Bird: "Buh-Buh!"
Cookie Monster: "Nuh-nuh-nuh!" (this one has to be the cutest, because I would always point to CM and say "yum-yum-yum-yum" in my best attempt to impersonate the sound he makes when he eats cookies, and now she has her own interpretation).
All characters together: "ah-ah-ah!" (akin to a small dog yapping)
I knew before I had Lorelai that the only kid-centered show I'd be able to digest would be Sesame Street Live...this was further confirmed after some really bad live kid music a few weeks ago. I really didn't think I'd be taking her to Sesame Street Live until she was like 3 years old, but I am seriously considering taking her this coming February. Does anyone else have experience taking their kids to this show?...in February Lorelai will be like 20 months old...is this a good idea? And- where do they sell Sesame Street clothes?...I think we need some shirts ;)


I Guess I Could Have Hidden It Inside a Magazine...

Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to the local library. I've really come to enjoy reading ever since I graduated from college (talk about bad timing). I tend to read more during the fall and winter, when my list of possible activities dwindles. I didn't want to feel left out with school starting and all, so I've begun my more often trips to the library a little early this year.
On my last trip to the library, I got 3 fiction novels. Two had been recommended to me, and the 3rd I choose completely because of the title and cover. Sad to say that I only finished the 3rd.
Yesterday's trip, I had a list of types of books that I wanted to read that read like this:
great lakes shipwrecks
alien abduction

I'll blog about the other two subjects later, but right now, I'd like to focus on the alien abduction entry.
I remember being in science class when I was very young...I can't remember exactly what the subject was, but my guess is that we were discussing all the different species of animals and how we are still today discovering new ones. The main gist of the discussion was that "we may never know everything that exists, because our eyes can't be everywhere at the same time."
That mode of thinking has stuck with me for my whole life, and is probably the main reason I am a fan of the X Files, Ghost Hunters, and those shows on the science channel about the lochness monster, Sasquatch, etc.
Yes, I am serious and I do understand if you are laughing.
The way I see it, earth would be a bit boring if we were to assume that "we have it all figured out" or "none of this creepy stuff exists, it's just folklore". I like thinking that someday we may find that big old hairy monster in the woods. Maybe the melon heads really do exist in west Michigan. The list goes on...
So, anyway, We've been catching up all all the X Files episodes thanks to Netflix, and it's go me to thinking "What really IS up with all this alien stuff?" So, when I'm curious, I get a book!
*Sigh* I didn't get a book, because I was too embarrassed!
I stood in front of the alien books for a good five minutes. The whole time I was convinced the people at the desk behind me were looking on thinking I was crazy. It was like when you have to purchase embarrassing items (you know what I'm talking about) and they SET OFF THE ALARM AS YOU ARE WALKING OUT OF THE STORE (this just happened to me a few months ago...perhaps that's why I am extra sensitive about the alien book thing- I haven't yet recovered). I was also afraid the lady at the checkout counter would say something....so I thought, "hey, I'll just pick a serious looking one, that way, I won't look weird."
Uh...none of them really looked serious.
There was one that made me SO curious though. It was 11 tips for people who are trying to get visited by aliens...I kid you not.
In the end, I chickened out. Maybe next time...closer to Halloween. Should pass right under the radar then.


Weekend Getaway

A few peeks into our 5th anniversary weekend getaway in Holland, MI and South Haven, MI...

Boat watching from the breaker wall at Holland State Park...where the water was 54 degrees!

You can't see it, but this boat was named "Rebecca"

Yeah...we're obsessed!

The Friend's Good Will...a reproduction of an 1810 sloop at the Michigan Maritime Museum, on which we enjoyed a sunset cruise



Breakfast Clubber of the Comment Club

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Comment Club through mom bloggers club...the only rule was that I needed to try to post 2 or 3 comments on the other members' blogs per week.
There are 34 members.
That's 68 to 102 comments per week.
I haven't done ANY...I don't even get to comment on my personal friend's blogs enough.
I hate to have people commenting on my blog because they feel obligated to, when I can't return the favor.
I tried to "un-join" the group...yeah...couldn't figure out how to.
SO, don't feel like you HAVE to comment on this deliquent member's blog...BUT if you like it here, please stay! All of your commments have been fantastic...and many of them have been especially touching.

Yep, I'm Copying

Ever since Elle Bee started posting memorable quotes from her husband I am struck EVERYDAY by things that come out of Tim's mouth. "I'm posting that on my blog!" comes out of my mouth quite often when I am talking with him...so I've decided to actually take myself up on my offer.
Don't worry babe, I'll be careful ;)

This one happened a few weeks ago...

"Well, ya know, she's not the brightest light in the..."



(LONG pause)

"...the um..."


"...in the box of lights."


Thanks everyone for your support on my last post. Seriously, it means a ton that you'd each take the time to help me feel better! I'm working through this phase successfully thanks to you all.
I guess it's easy to get a bit wrapped up in your thoughts when you're"
1. an "over-thinker" like me
2. home a lot...with a person that doesn't talk back
One of you reccomended a Bible passage to read. That was awesome...it actually was a passage that I chose as "my" passage back in high school, because I knew even back then that I was destined to be a certified worrier. Well, I had kinda forgotten about it until yesterday, and it really helped me think. When I opened up to that passage, there was also a devotional on that page that was describing exactly what I had been worried about...in a nutshell, it described that status and money wont necessarily make your life better. I'd always planned on going back to school for my masters once my kids were older and recently I'd been regreting not doing it before Lorelai came along. So, basically, it was good to hear that...sooo basic, yet sooo helpful.
I will also inform Tim of the 3 votes for us to have another kid...he should have quite a great quote on that one.
I think I will see if there are any writing opportunities out there, too...hmm...that will probably mean some kind of writing sample I'd need to throw around...any suggestions on how that's done?
Ok, now time for a fun post.


Just Needing Some Super Comments...

I think I was so busy from the time Lorelai was born until her THREE first birthday celebrations happened that I never caught on that staying at home is in fact a sacrifice. I've been kinda freaking out about this the last few weeks. If you've been following my blog, you've already caught wind of this.
In addition to that, I've come to feel like I am "getting away with something" by staying home. I've been hesitant to post this, because I don't want other SAHMs to feel like I'm belittling their work...I'm simply stating how I feel and looking for some support.
As Tim and I sat down for dinner yesterday, I informed him that I feel like what I'm doing is too easy and fun...I feel like I'm getting away with something...so it's my nature to feel like I'm about to get in trouble for this!
I get to sleep in until 7 or 8 am, play with my kid, keep the house in order, take a break whenever I feel like it, explore my hobbies, etc.
I searched the internet last night for other moms that feel this way. One lady said that she had been quite harshly told that she should be out working and using her degree, not staying home with her kids...the lady was like (paraphrasing here) "dude, staying home rocks...I get to do whatever I want!"
I do wish I could have used my degree before I had Lorelai...I do have plans of someday going back for my master's and working in the counseling field...I know this wouldn't be the best time to do that...if I went back now, for sure I'd have to work full-time as soon as I was done with school to pay off that hefty loan...which would mean working while all our kids were little...which is exactly the opposite of what I set out to do.
If anyone can program my brain to stop fretting about this, it would be great !


Fixing My "Arg!"

So my research continues on how to mesh being a mother and wanting to "do" something for me, too.
Two of my current interests are crafting and blogging.
I've been monkeying around with the bit of creativity I believe is in my DNA (thanks to my mother) since I was little.
When it comes to blogging...well, I like to write...mostly I like to write about life and make it funny. If anyone would like to pay me to write about ANY subject as long as it can be funny I would love you forever. SERIOUSLY.
I'll just sit back and wait while the bids come in...
And while I wait for that fantasy to enter my reality, I think perhaps the best bet is for me to craft. What to craft? Not sure yet. I'm in an experimental stage...I want to experiment with all kinds of media. I don't want to have a specific plan. That's how I like to do my projects...and remember, I said that I was going to LOVE "this"..."this" will be defined once the money starts getting sent to my paypal account.
I think the best avenue for me right now will be to sell through etsy. If things really take off down the road, then I can embark on all the time and expense of having my very own site (which is outlaid quite well in my "how to sell crafts on the Internet book"- thanks to Tim's anniversary gift to me).
So, I am still in the experimental stage over here...have a few ideas of what I'd like to make...guess I need a long trip to the craft store!