Bad Idea #236

Since Loop and I are on our own this weekend (and I finally started to crash after the week's events), I decided that I'd stay in my jammies and take a nap when Loop went down for her morning nap.
This worked out great until she was up and I hadn't yet had a shower (which I usually take care of while she sleeps).
Since she is walking, we no longer have any exersaucer-type mechanisims with which to restrain her. Hmmm...what to do?
(It just occurred to me that DUH! Why didn't I just put her in her crib with toys like I usually do in this case?)
Hopefully lack of sleep makes you dumb...or else I have no excuse.
ANYWAY, what I decided to do was to lock her in the bathroom with me while I showered. My bathroom is probably roughly the size of your master bedroom closet. I was actually going to measure it so emphasize the point, but I'm tired.
So, I bring a few toys to hold her attention and hop in the shower.
Did she play with any of the toys? NO! She kept walking from one end of the shower curtain to the other opening it as far as she could...the floor got soaked and so did she. And, just for you, I re-enacted the scene so you could see how cute she looked.

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