Yep, I'm Copying

Ever since Elle Bee started posting memorable quotes from her husband I am struck EVERYDAY by things that come out of Tim's mouth. "I'm posting that on my blog!" comes out of my mouth quite often when I am talking with him...so I've decided to actually take myself up on my offer.
Don't worry babe, I'll be careful ;)

This one happened a few weeks ago...

"Well, ya know, she's not the brightest light in the..."



(LONG pause)

"...the um..."


"...in the box of lights."


Elle Bee said...

Pefect. Wonderful. Glad you are doing this. :)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

If I posted every stupid thing my husband says, it would be my husband's blog... not mine. Ask Tim if Home Depot sells light boxes, I was looking for them... =)

Helene said...

Now that's funny!!!