Just Because It Has Been Awhile...

These two pictures were taken about two years apart. Look who has the round belly now! HA! Of course...flat and jiggly is no picnic either...
Wait, can I just say that I just read an article that stated that people who have some wine everyday have the flattest stomachs...even compared to people who don't drink at all. Who says all the news these days is bad?


In Love With Lake St. Clair

Last Saturday was the 2nd time we took the boat out this year. The conditions really could not have been more perfect! Tim and I sailed around off the coast of metro beach for about 10 miles. Heavenly! The wind was cool, but the strong sun kept us warm.
For Tim's birthday last year I bought him a gadget that holds the tiller in place, so basically you set your course and are free to relax. It worked great! We were able to both lay back on the benches and chill.
There just isn't anything better than being out in the middle of the lake with some chardonnay and nothing to do but listen to the waves. ahhhh! I will miss the boat this weekend!

The best 1st mates always fuel up with a homemade breakfast cookie :)

Captain Timmy who "forgot" to put sunblock on....again!

Best seat in the house.

The view you get if you take a nap on the benches.

Lake St. Clair through one of the port holes.

This Week at Tot School

Some of the fun things we did this week:

Lorelai had no interest in actually finger painting, but stacking and unstacking the jars kept her happy for 20 minutes. Score!
I'm pretty darn sure she knows her colors, yet she often says them wrong anyway. Is she like partially color blind or something?
Yes, I do realize how stupid I just sounded there.

ok, I came up with this dandy idea all by myself. I called it "Bug Hunt". I want to focus on bugs and nature this spring (and I also scored some cheap bug stuff at the Target dollar spot) so this was a great way to start it off. I went online and found some cute bug pics, cut them out, pasted them on paper, and laminated them. I put them all around Lorelai's room and then gave her a bucket to collect all her findings. She really liked this! Of course the possibilities were endless with the activity. She enjoyed counting each of the bug "tokens". We talked about what each bug was, how they crawl, what color they are, what noise they make...etc. I also had some bugs in there multiple times, so matching comes into play, too. I may also do this again with flowers.

My hope is also that Lorelai won't have a fear of bugs like someone else I know....


Recent Tot School Fun

So, we have been tot schooling here and there, I just haven't had the time to blog about it. Lorelai is terrible 2-ing, so it makes having an actual school schedule a waste...I just pull out an activity when she seems interested. Sometimes it lasts a half hour and sometimes I just walk away wishing I could move to Jamaica.
At least I am honest.

She finally likes her string bead sets!

Totally copied this idea from another mom...get a container with a small opening and throw some clothes pins (or popsicle sticks painted different colors, etc.) in it. This amuses Lorelai greatly! She loves putting everything in the container then shaking it out.

She loves to paint!

Green play dough for St. Patty's. The web is full of make-it-yourself play dough recipies...don't be lazy! Try it! I did and I don't think I'll ever pay for the brand name stuff again!

We've been working on shapes and colors for weeks now. Play dough is a great way to teach them both. If you watch PBS in the morning, perhaps you have heard that silly Steve singing the shape song: "...line, line, circle, circle...". Well I started singing it with Lorelai and whipping out the shapes at the right time and she LOVES it. Lorelai basically likes anything set to music, so I have been singing TONS!



Our Easer weekend included:
2 colds
missing someone special
irritations about job changes
a 2-year molar
But, when you mix that all with a heavy dose of easter candy and some relaxation, it all turns out into some fun.
We also took the boat out for the 1st time...forgot my camera though! Too bad, because our trip proved that we really know what we are doing now...we never had to get out the boat manual and I don't think we used ANY 4-letter words. Amazing!


HaPpY EaStEr!

Candy, bunnies, toys, family, and fun...our easter weekend has begun...