A Thousand Words Thursday

Sneaking in one last pina colada before the taxi took us back to the airport. I surely was not ready to leave.

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Wordless Wednesday

Coming back to the dock after my fourth and final certification dive. I haven't been so proud of myself since...hmm...ever!

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Back & Better Than Ever!

Just in case you missed it, I've been in Jamaica for the past week. This was the second year Tim and I were able to use all the priority club points Tim earns while gone on business to take a winter vacation. What a blessing!
I can honestly say I came back from this trip a new woman! I'm excited to share about what I accomplished while in Jamaica.
The past 2 weeks have been VERY whirlwind-esque for our little family. Four days before we left for Jamaica Lorelai came down with the stomach flu. Two days before we left I came down with the stomach flu so badly that I had to go to see the doctor. Tim fell ill on the plane ride to Jamaica and was ill the first three days we were there. I did my best to enjoy the resort EXTRA those days to make up for Tim's misery. On the 3rd day of our trip we learned that Montego Bay's hospital is quite nice (poor Tim!). And when it was all said and done we were still both able to have TONS of fun and relaxation.
I have so many exciting things waiting for my readers! I'll be doing my best to get back to the daily grind over here.


Going' On A Vacay!

Sooo...for the next week I'll be in Jamaica. This is my payoff for all the nights my hubby has to be away from home (so don't be TOO jealous!).
Sadly, at this moment I'm finding it hard to be excited. Lorelai came down with the stomach flu on Thursday, and I came down with it 2 am on Friday. It was honestly the sickest I have ever been. I couldn't get to the doctor fast enough. I think a quote from my husband says it all: "You didn't complain this much about labor."
Never again will I skip getting my flu shot.
I'll spare you any of the horrific details.
I was hoping to write up a bunch of posts for you all to enjoy while I was gone, but I'm still not feeling very well.
All I can say is that there will be some great stuff for you all to see when I get back *major wink*
Leave lots of posts for me to enjoy when I get back! I'll get some sun for you all :)


Wondering About Montessori...

Since my brain alone can't keep up with Lorelai's demands for exploratory/ educational activities, I've been looking for some kind of learning philosophy to follow as I gather activities for Tot School. I've heard of Montessori before, but I am SO not an expert. Any mommies out there have something to say about montessori? Anyone know of a website full of ideas for activities made of objects that I already own ;) ?

A Thousand Words Thursday

Sometimes, being ahead of schedule is particularly exhilarating. Notice that I'm ahead of schedule with Hal Higdon's plan...do you know how geeked I get when I get to whip out my Sharpie marker and write that I've gone a quarter of a mile over the plan???
I started running a couple weeks ago. I've often stated that "my body isn't made for running", but my New Year's resolution was to get back in shape. I began by walking on the treadmill...but I got to the point where I was walking so fast I thought I'd see what would happen if I tried running again. My goal was to be able to run a mile before my birthday (Feb. 19th)...but as you can see, I've doubled my goal and I still have about a week to go before my birthday! I'm also contemplating participating in a 5K on St. Patty's Day.
I think in the past I have done "too much too soon" with running. I ended up dreading the days I had to run and eventually gave up and went back to walking. This time, I really wanted to fall in love with running. By taking it slowly I've really grown to look forward to the days I run.
It really is true...slow and steady wins the race :)
And you know what else? I haven't lost a single pound! But, I DON'T CARE! I feel so fabulous and that is enough for me to keep up with my plan. Even my husband said that I seem more confident in general. Gotta love "runner's high".
I just thought I'd share this with you all...just incase some of you momma's out there had a New Year's resolution that you've been struggling with. Just remember that it's worth it...and if you have to make changes slowly, that's always better than not trying at all!

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Wordless Wednesday

Looks like Lorelai's monkeys will provide lots of comfort while mommy is gone for a week.

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Tell Me 'bout It Tuesday

Welcome back to Tell Me 'bout It Tuesday. Each week I'll post about a mommy hood situation that's got me baffled. This is your chance to show off all your mommy smarts AND get answers to a situation that's got you confused. To participate, simply leave a comment with your smarty pants answer...and if you'd like, include a question in your comment that's got you puzzled. This will be a great time for all us mommies to help each other out and visit new blogs we haven't yet seen!

What's puzzling me this week:
How would you chose to spend your Valentine's Day if it had to be more of a family day instead of a day focused on romance?

Leave a comment if you've got an answer...leave your link if you need advice too!


Weekly Update: Tot School

This week of Tot School marked the first time I set up a bit of a "curriculum" for Lorelai. I decided that each week I will choose a letter, number, song, movement activity, and something from nature (animal, plant, insect, etc.) to be themes throughout our week. This week we studied the letter "S", number "8", spiders, the song "itsy bitsy spider" and, as our movement activity, the crab walk (which i confess we never got to do!).
Like I said last week, I've been trying to get a CD from the library each week for Lorelai to listen to while we "work". Last week it was music from Mexico, and this week I chose Cajun music. My best description of Cajun music would be that it is country music sung in french! A strange combo. It was neat to hear music we've really never heard before.
I filled one of Lorelai's little IKEA buckets with objects that begin with the letter "S". She LOVED this, so for sure we will do it each week. Even though none of the toys were new, she liked the novelty of picking each of the objects out of the bucket and hearing me pronounce the names of each.

The SSSSSunglasses were her favorite!

We looked up "S" in the Golden Dictionary...

Coloring "S". Ok, so I know that cursive is a looong way off, but at least she's getting the chance to see and become familiar with it (do they even use it in school anymore?)

Later in the week, we took a cue from Scraps 'n Stuff about doing Tot School on the floor. I do everything on the floor with Lorelai except for coloring. I've been wishing we had the room for a little Lorelai-sized table and chairs, but we SO do not. I was starting to wonder if Lorelai would take more interest in coloring and crafts if she was more comfortable at a table her own size. Instead, I simply taped her coloring page to the floor and let her have at it! I really do think it makes it more fun for her.
Another sweet thing I HAVE to say about this pic is that Lorelai learned how to say "beautiful" while she was coloring this picture (of a spider, no less!). I always profusely praise every little scribble she makes with crayons because I am way over-eager to do crafts with her. I told her that her coloring was "beautiful" and suddenly she began (repeatedly) exclaiming "doo-ti-full".

I also started journaling about what we do each week in Tot School. Not only will it give me a resource of ideas to draw from in the future, but I can look at things we have already done and keep our future projects fresh and new.

What a great week! Now, what to do for this week....


Totally Tots Craft

I saw this craft featured on Totally Tots and I couldn't wait to try it. It's called cookie cutter painting...basically you dip cookie cutters in paint to kinda "stamp" shapes. Since we have a heart cookie cutter I thought it would make a great Valentine's decoration for our house. (Although the thought occurred to me later that you could use any kind of cookie cutter, toy, or shape that could be dipped in paint. Endless possibilities here!)
I LOVE doing crafts, but I just can't seem to grasp the fact that my daughter is NOT ready for them. Ugh! The craft lasted about 10 seconds...I put Lorelai up on my lap, she put a finger full of paint in her mouth, and then ran off.
At least mommy got to finish the craft...it does look cute :)

Thank you, Ladies and a Gentleman!

I have to write a short blurb about this because it cracks me up:
For "Wordless Wednesday" this week, I posted a pic of my daughter and I...7 of you commented on it.
For "A Thousand Words Thursday" I posted a pic of my husband and my daughter...15 of you left comments.
I guess the votes are in...you want to see more of my swash-buckling hubby on here?


A Thousand Words Thursday

This one is a family classic...Lorelai's first ride on our sail boat. Tim has always been so proud of this picture. I believe he used the word "perfect".

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25 Random Things About Me

Since about 25 people have tagged me for this, it's about time I did it!

1. My mom wanted to name me after Shirley Temple, but didn't care for the name Shirley...so she named me after one of the characters Shirley played in a movie: Rebecca in "Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm".

2. My great grandmother came to America from Poland. Her family hadn't actually planned to send her to America, but, the little girl that lived next door was signed up to come to America. The little girl next door got sick, so at the last minute, the decided to send my great grandma on the trip instead. Talk about luck.

3. I've recently become obsessed with scuba diving and shipwrecks (especially in the Great Lakes). I've even had dreams about it at night.

4. When I have money to spend my favorite things to buy are beauty products and craft supplies.

5. I wish i could join the navy...is it too late?

6. I'm not the fearful person I used to be. I've pretty much lost my fear of the dark and have even started watching scary movies again.

7. If I could magically start living the life of a TV character, I would totally become Dana Scully from The X Files. I think her character would be the most awesome woman ever.

8. Since I hit about 22 years old, I've had a hard time remembering how old I am. Sometimes I actually have to sit and think about it..."Ok, so I was born in 1982, this is 2009..."

9. I look forward to going back to school for a second degree or master's degree once all my kids are in school full time. I think a lot about what kind of career I want to have.

10. Tim proposed to me at The Whitney in Detroit. I knew he'd be proposing soon, but I actually ended up being very surprised because he proposed at the begining of our date. I had spent my whole life assuming that you got proposed to at the end of an evening.

11. I think about the possibility of getting in a car accident every time I get in a car.

12. I used to be really afraid of hospitals when I was younger but now I find them to be fun.

13. I had only met Tim once or twice when I told my best friend I was going to marry him. Too bad she doesn't remember it.

14. If what I want to order off a menu has a dippy name like "Mama's Lusciously Cheesy Ravioli" I will just tell the waitress "I want the ravioli". I hate dippy words that describe food and I refuse to speak them.

15. I eat at the computer quite often. I get crumbs in the keyboard all the time. Now, every time I try to type "5" it comes out like "56". The 5 and 6 key are stuck together. I'm sure it is my fault for eating at the computer, but I have yet to confess this to my husband.

16. I've always wanted to know what it is like to get arrested. I've never done anything to deserve it though, so I guess watching COPS will be as close as I can get.

17. When I'm out with Lorelai, I'm often struck with the sudden fear that I have left her somewhere, that she isn't in the car with me. I'll look in the back seat just to make sure. And no, I have never forgotten her!

18. I'm still upset that I don't have many pics of my college graduation...like pics of me with my family that day. The ceremony was outside and it was very cold and rainy. Everyone just wanted to take off right after it was over.

19. I like shoveling snow. Our condo complex shovels our snow for us, but sometimes I go and shovel our drive before they arrive just because I enjoy it.

20. I love the look of abandoned, run-down buildings. I wish I could spend a few days taking pictures of them.

21. When I was a kid I entered a scarecrow in the Michigan State Fair. It looked like a regular scarecrow except that his shirt was unbuttoned and there was the superman "S" on his chest. I had high hopes, but he only won 6th place.

22. I still vividly remember the night a man came up and stole my mom's purse in front of a Frank's Nursery. I remember that we listened to Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted Snake" on the radio on the way home. I can't hear that song without thinking about that whole ordeal.

23. I almost never carry a purse or diaper bag anymore. I'd actually buy a man's wallet if I could find one that could hold my jo ann's and archiver's coupons.

24. I actually have a good time when I have to see the gynecologist because we joke around so much.

25. I almost never follow a pattern when I craft...the same goes with recipes and cooking.

Wordless Wednesday

There's just no better feeling than having a baby asleep on your chest.

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Tell Me 'bout It Tuesday

Announcing a new weekly post for puzzled mommies: Tell Me 'bout It Tuesday. Each week I'll post about a mommy hood situation that's got me baffled. This is your chance to show off all your mommy smarts AND get answers to a situation that's got you confused. To participate, simply leave a comment with your smarty pants answer...and if you'd like, include a question in your comment that's got you puzzled. This will be a great time for all us mommies to help each other out and visit new blogs we haven't yet seen! Make sure we can link to your blog from your comment (I'm still working on the Mr. Linky thing!)

What's puzzling me this week:
How the heck do your teach your kiddo to drink out of a straw?


Weekly Update: Tot School

Tot School has been a bit challenging for us lately! I think the novelty of it has worn off for Lorelai (most likely due to the fact that my collection of activities is small right now). I know that Lorelai is on the younger end of readiness for Tot School, too (19 months). Keeping these things in mind, I've been doing my best to tailor our little program to Lorelai's needs. At this point I have found that it is much better to do a couple activities throughout the day instead of sitting down for a 4 activity marathon.
You know how kids are, next week will probably be totally different now that I have got the hang of doing things this way!

This is an AWESOME book...each page has a different letter, animal and adjective. Lorelai loved seeing the animal on each page and watching me dramatically act out each adjective. This book needs to be in your collection!

This was our CD for the week. I like picking out new music at the library for us to try (I'm making a point to take Lorelai to the library every Monday night...eventhough all she does is run around.) I enjoyed the CD...Lorelai just kept asking where Elmo's song was.

We almost make it through the whole bag of letters! Lorelai has really been coming along with recognizing letters. She pointed out the number 5 when we were at the bank and the letter O when we were at the mall this week. Hooray!

I guess you could say that friday was our 1st Tot School field trip. We headed out to see Sesame Street live. Both Lorelai and I had a blast! I can't wait to take her next year!
I've been inspired to set a mini-curriculum by some of you fellow Tot Schoolers, so come back next week to see what I planned :)