Going' On A Vacay!

Sooo...for the next week I'll be in Jamaica. This is my payoff for all the nights my hubby has to be away from home (so don't be TOO jealous!).
Sadly, at this moment I'm finding it hard to be excited. Lorelai came down with the stomach flu on Thursday, and I came down with it 2 am on Friday. It was honestly the sickest I have ever been. I couldn't get to the doctor fast enough. I think a quote from my husband says it all: "You didn't complain this much about labor."
Never again will I skip getting my flu shot.
I'll spare you any of the horrific details.
I was hoping to write up a bunch of posts for you all to enjoy while I was gone, but I'm still not feeling very well.
All I can say is that there will be some great stuff for you all to see when I get back *major wink*
Leave lots of posts for me to enjoy when I get back! I'll get some sun for you all :)


Mimi said...

Have fun on your trip and make sure to take lots of pictures!!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

Have a great trip. I'm so sad to hear you came down with the stomach flu. Between you and Julie, you're keeping the docs pretty busy.
Now, if we could only get some molars cutting and get back to a full night's sleep over here, I would be happy.

ninabunk said...

have a great trip, and make sure to take some excellent scuba shots!!