Weekly Update: Tot School

Tot School has been a bit challenging for us lately! I think the novelty of it has worn off for Lorelai (most likely due to the fact that my collection of activities is small right now). I know that Lorelai is on the younger end of readiness for Tot School, too (19 months). Keeping these things in mind, I've been doing my best to tailor our little program to Lorelai's needs. At this point I have found that it is much better to do a couple activities throughout the day instead of sitting down for a 4 activity marathon.
You know how kids are, next week will probably be totally different now that I have got the hang of doing things this way!

This is an AWESOME book...each page has a different letter, animal and adjective. Lorelai loved seeing the animal on each page and watching me dramatically act out each adjective. This book needs to be in your collection!

This was our CD for the week. I like picking out new music at the library for us to try (I'm making a point to take Lorelai to the library every Monday night...eventhough all she does is run around.) I enjoyed the CD...Lorelai just kept asking where Elmo's song was.

We almost make it through the whole bag of letters! Lorelai has really been coming along with recognizing letters. She pointed out the number 5 when we were at the bank and the letter O when we were at the mall this week. Hooray!

I guess you could say that friday was our 1st Tot School field trip. We headed out to see Sesame Street live. Both Lorelai and I had a blast! I can't wait to take her next year!
I've been inspired to set a mini-curriculum by some of you fellow Tot Schoolers, so come back next week to see what I planned :)


ScrappinAway said...

I have been wondering if Shelby Lynn would like one of those Live shows (she is 19mths). You have inspired me to try it! I will be posting our tot school stuff a little later tonight!

TheRockerMom said...

Your tot seems amazing! I'd like to try a live show with mine as well (20 months).

MoziEsmé said...

Sesame Street sounds like fun! And with a 21 month old, I usually try to have a list of ideas/activities to choose from - as she gets tired of one, I quickly move on to the next, or try to incorporate something educational into whatever activity she makes up or chooses. Not that it always works!

ScrappinAway said...

My hubby is going with DOD. Thanks for the support!