Sesame Street Live Was a Hit!

I'm so blessed (and relieved)to say that Sesame Street Live was a hit!
I mulled over the idea of taking Lorelai to see the show for awhile before I bought the tickets. She ADORES Sesame Street and for sure is Elmo's biggest fan, but I was worried that we would trek down to the Fox theater only to have her be bored and cry.
Boy was I wrong!
Lorelai was a little fussy about waiting for the show to start, but once it did, she was blown away. Actually, when the show first started it started quite suddenly and quite loudly, so she did bawl for a quick second. I think it was a bit overstimulating for her at first, but once she got into the swing of things, she was jammin'! She did her little Elvis hip-shaking moves the whole time, while simultaneously bopping her head up and down. I felt so blessed to know that she was so entertained by the show. She watched every minute of the performance, and when it ended, she stared at the stage for awhile to make sure that it really was over. I really think she would have watched it twice if she could have. I don't know who had the most fun...Lorelai or Tim, Me, and the Grammies! Even when I wasn't holding Lorelai on my lap, I found myself clapping and singing!


scraps_n_stuff said...

i'm so glad you guys had fun! it gives me hope that goldilocks would do okay if we end up going this year.

Lauren said...

I LOVED Sesame Street Live when I was kid! We went when I was four, and that was the night I asked Jesus in my heart. :D I don't think the two things were actually related, but they did happen on the same night. I'm glad to hear that you all enjoyed it!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a great time. :) It's always worth it when you can see your little one having fun.
Thanks for sharing some pics!

Anonymous said...

It was fun seeing Lorelai have a blast, but make no mistake about it...I was ready to throw myself thru a wall by the time it was over!

scraps_n_stuff said...

tim, i can tell you from staying home day after day watching sesame street, you get used to it and actually start to enjoy it! maybe you should start recording the show while you are out of town so you can keep up. ;)