The Empress' New Shoes

Recently, we got Lorelai her 1st pair of "big girl" shoes. At 13 months, she still doesn't walk...but she has gotten quite excited about crawling outside...especially on the pavement. Of course, crawling on the pavement soon led to a deeply scratched toe that has yet to heal, so we decided it was time to get her some shoes to protect her feet. (I love solving problems by shopping).

Buying these shoes was kinda a big deal for me. It all stems from my days working with the infants at the daycare. When it was nearing the time for the babies to be graduated into the walker room, we'd send them over to the walker room here and there to help them warm up to the idea. But, in order for the babies to go next door to the walker room, they had to have a pair of walking shoes. So, I guess I grew to equate real shoes with leaving babyhood behind.


Things We Make Fun of...

I've decided to start a series of blogs called "Things We Make Fun of". Joking, mocking, laughing and teasing makes up about 50% of our marriage. The other half is made up of cleaning black cat hair off of white wall-to-wall carpet.
Oh, I'm kidding...but see what I mean? If we stop joking, we stop breathing over here.
Without further ado, installment #1 of "Things We Make Fun of"


"Lovin' at Eastwood Beach" took place at Stony Creek back when Tim and i were dating. We went swimming one day and witnessed some lovin' going on in the deep end. It was freaking hilarious. This man and woman were in the deep end all googly eyed. They were facing eachother, but the woman was floating on her back WITH HER LEGS WRAPPED AROUND THE GUY'S WAIST. For awhile, we kept stealing glances to see if they actually were "doin' it". I don't think they were. It was hilarious to us, though. If you've ever been to stony, you know it doesn't really fit the bill of "romantic location lovers should visit." It can't possibly be very romantic considering the state of the bathrooms there.
This joke has lasted through thick and thin. I think we recall the memory everytime we go to the beach there. I'm sure that we've even mockingly re-created it.


Oh What a Night...

Well, holy crap. I just got back from seeing the new X Files movie...and what can I say? I'm falling in love all over again. I'm just about ready to load up my amazon credit card with X Files seasons 2-9.
Tim (fan-in-training)and my mom (veteran fan) went to the theater with me tonite. We had a great time watching the movie. I was quite embarassed that I apparently missed out on some enormous happenings on the show when i went away to school in 2000. Some of the greatest X Files fantasies I have hoped to see fulfilled between Mulder and Scully have already happened...in seasons 8 and 9 I'd guess. BUT, for good measure, I DID GET TO SEE A KISS ON THE BIG SCREEN! When it happened, i shot my hands up in the air and announced "I can die happy!" Apparently I'll die extra happy once I get my hands on those other seasons BECAUSE THEY HAD A SON AND I MISSED IT....#$!%#!!!
Of course, I have to add the disclaimer here that is is MY Blog and if I want to sound like a 10 year old spouting off with oodles of love for Miley Cyrus, it's my problem....and I do! (Not about Miley Cyrus though, of course).
Last week, I posted a blog about my all time male celeb crushes...it's time to give credit to my all time tv girl crushes.
Oh, geez, not like that. Sheesh!
Here are my all time female celeb girl crushes (the word "crushes" would be defined here as "women I'd like to be"):

Dana Scully. HELLO! Not only is she a brillian medical doctor but also and FBI agent. She carries a gun and uses it. She chases the bad guys and (there's just no other phrase for it) KICKS ASS! Who can't love this chick and want to be her? No one else has ever been so tough in high heels.

Ah yes, in the days of junior high, I wanted to be tough chick Lois Lane. She kicked some butt, she was witty, smart, and daring.

Gammage and Friends Interlochen Camping Bonanza

Site # 90 was for cool people only...we shared it with Kris, Eric, & Avery.

Lorelai and Avery...boy did they love the dirt!

down by Duck lake

Daddy and Lorelai with Uncle Doug's sunfish

Time for Lorelai's first night in a tent...she did pretty well considering there was some thunder and lightning.

My beauty at the beach in Elk Rapids (just north of Traverse City) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Thanks for the family pics, Uncle Doug!

Lorelai and Daddy enjoying the fire. I discovered that I really could do nothing but play with fire for long periods of time and be very happy.
Also notice K+E's tent has joined cool site #90.

Fam by the fire

Tim enjoying a morning ride in the sunfish.

"Just leave me here...being dirty all the time rocks."

Getting a kiss from Avery.


'specially for Elle Bee

The following post is strictly the fault of Elle Bee ;)
As she requested, here are my top celeb crushes:

Nick Lachey...this one started up...hmm...maybe high school. In college, the lovely world of Napster allowed me to download his music for free. Those were the days. Tim still teases me when I see nick on TV...I am allowed to retain this "crush" during my marriage BECAUSE Tim finds Jessica Simpson attractive also. Despite the downfall of a darn good-looking marriage between Nick and Jessica, I STILL own the book Jess penned on their wedding...fab photography.
The hair...the tattoos...all that meat. LOL!

Dean Cain...this one was circa junior high during his Superman days. Don't think about it much anymore because his is over 40 and hasn't done anything career wise to catch my attention in ages. But, back in junior high, it was all about that bod, that face, and the sweet personality of his character...what girl doesn't love a guy that can fly her around the world in a second?

An honorable mention goes to steve gonsalves from TAPS...he's got "the look" and "the personality" plus tattoos...and he isn't afraid one bit of ghosts...but, as he admits, he is afraid of just about everything else, including flying and spiders...I like to travel and I need someone around who can kill spiders for me. too bad.
Pictured together, I must say my crushes bear some resemblance...must have a celeb crush type.


X phile

I've had 3 TV obsessions in my life so far...
1. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (circa junior high)
2. The X Files (circa highschool)
3. Gilmore Girls (circa married life)
Lets talk X Files. I discovered this show through my aunt around 10th grade. The first time i watched it, i wasn't hooked...I think I tuned in during one of the weirder episodes, and I didn't "get it". A short time later, I gave it another chance and the obession started.
The show covers the adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The agents are assigned to work on X-Files...files that the FBI has determined to be strange and unexplainable, I guess...UFO sightings, odd deaths...in short, lots of strange and spooky things!
I think it was on Sunday nights at 8 or 9 pm. I didn't miss an episode. I bought a magazine if Gillian Anderson (Co-star of the show, Special Agent Dana Scully) was featured in it. I had a t-shirt. My bedroom walls were decorated in memorabilia. The show even had an X Files Expo...a traveling event that once came to Detroit. I can't remember everything about the expo...i think they had some props from the show, items for sale, and some of the characters from the show were there. I met William B. Davis (who played the character known as "the cigarette smoking man") and got his autograph there. While my friends were buzzing about Backstreet Boys and NSync, I was pondering the existence of UFO's. I wanted to be Dana Scully. She was one smooth and confident gun carrying chick! I even had my hair cut to look like hers-a red bob. In the tenth grade, even my homecoming dress looked x-files-ish...i had the signature Scully bob on my head, a sleek black dress, and black gloves with black feathers around the top that went to my elbows.
I think you get the point!
The show lasted from 1993 to 2002. Since I became a fan around the middle of it's airing, I had lots of fun watching new episodes and catching up on the old. In 1998, they even made a movie...I still remember going to see it with my mom on the opening day. When i went away to college, my mom would tape the episodes I missed.
I'd kinda forgotten about the show...once in awhile I'd catch a re-run on tv, but that was it.
BUT....*drum roll* THEY MADE ANOTHER MOVIE!!!!
"X Files: I Want To Believe" comes out july 25th. I'll admit that when i first heard it was coming out, I was only 1/2 excited about it. I hadn't seen an episode in ages and I felt quite out of the loop...but, the other day, my mom (because she is awsome) brought over the complete first season. Tim and I have been watching episodes nightly...and after each episode I get more and more excited to see the new film.
If you're a fan too, you are probably hoping as badly as I am that Mulder and Scully will finally kiss!
3 cheers for X Files!

Gimmie the Pooh

Last night, before Lorelai's bath, I decided to take some birthday suit pics of her. It's been awhile since I've taken any, and her booty couldn't be any cuter. As you can see, I had her stand next to her chair for the shoot. I snapped 4 or 5 pics and then left the room to get her towel and washcloth ready. I figured Tim would keep an eye on her while I left. I was gone MAYBE one full minute...when i came back, Lorelai was sitting on the floor...there was a small poo on the floor and another LARGE poo IN HER HAND...AND SHE WAS ABOUT TO PUT IT IN HER MOUTH! I yelled, in Chris Farley down-by-the-river fashion, "OH MY GOD SHE'S GOT POOP IN HER HAND!" I rushed her onto the changing table while Tim flushed away the evidence. I then proceeded to wash her hands 3 times in the bath tub while thinking to myself, "boy, that would have made quite a picture!"
Picture obsession reaches a new level.
Most parents I talk with have some kind of "playing with poop" story. I guess this is just another feather in our parenting hat.


Lake St. Clair Voyage

Tim, Uncle Doug, and I ventured a trip on Lake St. Clair with our Com-Pac 19 sailboat on Friday. I was a bit nervous...this was BIG water compared to Stony Creek Metropark. At Stony, we are usually the biggest, heaviest boat. At Lake St. Clair we were instantly down-graded to minnow status! I still hold fast that we have the cutest boat, though.
The first thing we loved about our experience was the boat launch...nicely maintained and steep boat ramps....we hardly had to get the van in the water to launch the boat and there were no rusty nails sticking out of the dock waiting to scratch your boat. EAT THAT STONY! Look how smooth and cool we look launching the boat:

It's also great that the launching docks are located quite a ways from the actual lake, down a canal, so the water where you're launching is very calm. At stony, if the lake is majorly choppy, then so is the water in the boat launch...that makes things difficult sometimes.
Once we launched the boat, we proceeded down the canal toward the lake. The canal is lined with homes. Some of the people who live in those homes own some pretty good sized boats...I'd venture to say that some of the boats docked there cost more than some of the homes. I instantly felt like we were embarking on a voyage in a Barbie boat. He's a picture of Tim steering us down the canal.

As we got within sight of the lake, I grabbed my life jacket and put it on. This "lake" was looking like an ocean compared to stony (a.k.a. "over sized pond") and i was feeling a bit nervous. Three cheers for Uncle Doug who was quoted as saying, "Gee, Becca, I didn't know you were nervous...you hide it well."

Winds were predicted to be 10 to 15 knots increasing to 20 and the waves were predicted to be 1-2 feet. We really think the waves were higher...we were rockin' and rollin' in that boat the WHOLE time. I usually go up on the bow and walk around a bit...I didn't do that at all this time! We sailed around for about 2 1/2 hours. Nothing major went wrong. Yeah! We did have quite a few boats cross right across our bow (they are supposed to pass behind so that we don't have to sail through their big wavy wakes). One very large boat went right across our bow and the waves from the wake were so big that our started crashing up and down HARD...and off flew our VHF antenna...say good bye to $50 and the ability to radio for help.
Tim and I battled a bit of sea sickness...but thankfully never got sick. Uncle Doug has an iron gut and happily updated us on our location thanks to his GPS. He was the hero for the day, helping us sail and giving us much sailing wisdom.

I'm not sure how much we enjoyed the actual sailing. The conditions weren't exactly ideal...we were really getting knocked around by the waves...we couldnt just sit back and relax, and the wind was, at times, more than what Tim is comfortable sailing in. But, the whole time we were filled with the sense that we were really accomplishing something...so that more than made up for the lack of relaxation.

We were hoping to anchor somewhere in the lake and enjoy lunch...but setting the anchor and bringing it up in such choppy water would have been a bit tough. Instead, we elected to tie up in the canal and have a picnic.

All in all, the day was filled with a great sense of accomplishment! We can't wait to trailer the boat back to Lake St. Clair. We may even dock it overnight and try sleeping aboard. Speaking of sleep, we went to bed at 9:30 pm! The pirate life is a tiring one!


Things That Go Bump on Wednsday Night

It's not often that Tim and I find a show that we both like to watch. A few months ago, Tim came across Ghost Hunters on the SCI FI channel, and after one episode, we were hooked. Specifically, we watch the Ghost Hunters with TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). There is also Ghost Hunters International...we watch that too, but we've got a special thing for the TAPS team.
Basically, TAPS travels around the U.S. investigating claims of paranormal activity.
"Now," you ask, "why would you watch a show like that? Aren't you the adult that still suffers from being scared of the dark?"
Hmm...yeah, that's kinda true.
TAPS is a different kind of show though. Unlike most "haunted" shows, TAPS is more eager to debunk claims. The team will travel to a location, say, the Lizzie Borden house, wire the house for sound and video, take pictures, ask the alleged ghosts questions, use EMF detectors, etc. Basically, they scientifically decide whether there are ghosts on the premises or not. I'd say at least 75% of the time they decide that the claims are false. They will investigate and find other reasons for the alleged paranormal happenings.
Sometimes, they do have paranormal things happen. I remember an episode shot in a lighthouse in Florida. Plain as day, right on the video they shot, was shadow figure. They were at the bottom of a spiral staircase shooting up and this shadow figure leaned over the railing, looked down and then sped away. Freaky!
I guess that TAPS has made me feel better about seeing ghosts. I used to fear that I'd actually see a ghost in my house...but, after watching the show, I really don't think it's possible (not in this house anyway). Here are some things I learned from watching Ghost Hunters that make me believe this:
1. Ghost activity in a haunted building or piece of land is most likely to happen when there is remodeling, building, or moving going on...nothing happened when our place was built or when we've remodeled.
2. The locations they visit (whether they debunk them or not) usually have been having problems for a long time...I can't recall an episode where the tenants or owners said that all of a sudden they started having paranormal things happen...unless something significant recently happened.
3. I don't think TAPS has visited a condo.
4. There haven't been any issues with black cats...maxy is off the hook.
5. Despite the horrid smells that seem impossible to remove, they have never come across a haunted diaper pail.
I may sound silly, but I've always believed that anything is possible. I don't know that the Bible says much about ghosts...and there was that time back in Bible days where all the dead people rose again..wasn't it after Jesus rose again? I guess I'm just curious about this stuff...if you are too, you can tune in Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. New episodes start in September.


don't get up...i'll get it

If you read my last blog about sailing (back on myspace) you'll recall my story about the canoe people and my lapse in judgement. Apparently, my brain isn't the only one lapsing...and GOODNESS! At least my brain only lapsed for a short time before I got down to helping some people who were in need. Nothing like using the faults of strangers to boost your ego (*eye roll*)

Yesterday we went up to stony to take the boat out. We weren't sure if it was going to happen. It's a long story why, but when it's really windy, we have lots of trouble getting the boat into the water at stony. We were standing in the boat yard assessing the wind...should we or shouldn't we...hmm, when i noticed a boat in the boat launch area that looked like it was having trouble. Since we were kinda far away, we got out our binoculars (yes, folks, it's true) to get a better look at the situation. If you've even been to the boat launch area there, it's like a huge rectangle. The shore opposite the docks is all rocks...and that's where the boat seemed to be stuck. Not a place you want your boat to be touching. Well, this time, I wasn't about to be a dip crap...we grabbed some rope and headed over to see if we could help.

There was a man in is 40's, (I'm guessing) his teenage son, and their daysailer (which was doing its best to sink). If you don't know what a daysailer is, it's a small, light boat. This one was about 14 feet long and 6 feet wide. The men were in the water up to their waists trying to get all the sails off so that they could try to tip the boat and get some of the water out. Not 20 feet from them were people on the shore SUN BATHING. NO ONE WAS TRYING TO HELP THEM. No one else was even interested! HELLO!

We got the guys our bucket so that they could bail the water out. We carried their gear while they stayed in the water and walked the boat around the perimeter of the boat launch area back to the dock. I kid you not, as we made our way around, this dumb kid actually started babbling some crap to us because he had to move so we could get through. I'll refrain from sharing my thoughts on that one.

We got the guys back to the dock and the dad thanked us for our help. He never seemed super excited that we offered our help, though. I think he probably was pretty embarrassed about the whole situation. He probably intended to bring his son out for some quality time in the great outdoors and ended up almost sinking his boat. I'm sure he wasn't feeling the best at that moment.

I was happy to be able to help (and redeem myself from last week's happenings). Being on a boat is weird...it can be so relaxing, but you can also feel so helpless when trouble arises (even when you are a foot from the shore, but all available persons are tied up with getting a tan).

I'm also considering turning this into a business, because AGAIN the park ranger and their boat was no where to be found. I could get a red suit and implants like Pam Anderson wore on Baywatch...and Tim could take on the David Hasslehoff role. I'll keep you updated.



These pictures were taken exactly a year ago today. To look at Lorelai today and compare her to the baby in these pictures seems almost impossible. I can still conjure up what life was like on July 13, 2007. It was a week day. Tim apparently had an office day since he's in one of the pictures. That onsie was one of my favorite things on Lorelai. That onesie was one of the few things that fit her almost right away. The blanket Tim has her swaddled in only fit her for a short time. She is less than a month old and already we had stopped trying to fit her feet into the wrapping. We were VERY dedicated to the "Happiest Baby On the Block" regimen...as you can see, tim had her swaddled and was gently jiggling her head as she slept hapily. Tim was also reading a magazine...something i did often in those early days to clear my head or keep me entertained as I nursed Lorelai. I love the fact that you can see that the article was about Tomkat and Suri. I wonder if Lorelai will live with a curiosity for movie stars close to her own age as I do. I remember how days like this one would go...completely centered around the Babywise and Happiest Baby on the Block principles (which I'd highly reccomend). I think I will relax a bit with the other kids we have though...sometimes I'm a little too regimented...but watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and just try to tell me that being a bit regimented isn's vital to the orderly survival of a family. I'm guessing that the pictures we took of Lorelai and I outside were taken after her lunchtime feeding, because at this time I'm guessing my days went something like this:
4:00 am feeding
8:00 am feeding
get up, take shower, eat, maybe catch a dawson's re-run, pump, nap for lorelai
11:00 feeding
nap for lorelai
2:00 feeding
nap for lorelai
5:00 feeding
dinner for tim and i (hopefully minus baby crying), watch sinfeild re-runs
8:00 feeding
prepare bedroom for night night (bring in changing table pad, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, boppy pillow, pacifiers, and swaddle me blanket (which we all would have perished without).
Looking back on that schedule now, it looks like it could be listed in millitary time...but that's how we made it through the early days of new parenthood. I don't think it was what ACTUALLY happened with Lorelai that made us hold fast to a set regime, but what COULD HAVE happened that scared us into doing it. (when we were pregnant we all had those nightmare stories of babies that didnt sleep until they were 5 years old thrown at us). I think I'd do things mostly the same next time, but my brain would be MUCH less worried about it all...after all I think Tim and I got lots of sleep for being new parents and all...and who can argue with that?
It's neat to look back though. Lorelai probably weighed 10 lbs then...she weighs twice that now. We gave up the nursing Memorial Day weekend 2008. That onsie in the picutre probably wouldnt even fit over her head. She crawls, talks, pulls up, and eats real food. Having to tend to her in the middle of the night is a rare event. She wriggles to get out of my arms instead of laying peacefully in them. I can honestly say I love her WAY more now than I did the day these pictures were taken. I guess it's because I know her so much more...we've begun building a history together.


Felicidades Cuatro

Tim, Lorelai, and I had a relaxing family morning on the 4th of July. In my opinion, the 4th of July is the biggest American holiday...so what types of t.v. shows do you think would be airing that day? (here's a hint...usually on Christmas, there are Christmas movies...so...ok....your answer should be that shows about american history should be on.)


Now, I don't know what types of shows were on for the older population that morning, but the only thing on for Lorelai to watch was:

1. Dora the Explorer

2. Dragon Tales

3. Sesame Street

If you've never seen shows #1 and #2, I'll give you the basic synopsis of them...they are completely about learning spanish. Sesame Street isn't usually as heavy-duty with the spanish, but on the 4th, it was the theme of the opening act.

This bothers me...and NO, I'm not against Spanish culture or anything...I'm just annoyed that on our Country's biggest holiday, there was zero programming aimed at my child. At this rate, by the time Lorelai is in school, she'll know a dozen spanish words but will know nothing about US history.