Things That Go Bump on Wednsday Night

It's not often that Tim and I find a show that we both like to watch. A few months ago, Tim came across Ghost Hunters on the SCI FI channel, and after one episode, we were hooked. Specifically, we watch the Ghost Hunters with TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). There is also Ghost Hunters International...we watch that too, but we've got a special thing for the TAPS team.
Basically, TAPS travels around the U.S. investigating claims of paranormal activity.
"Now," you ask, "why would you watch a show like that? Aren't you the adult that still suffers from being scared of the dark?"
Hmm...yeah, that's kinda true.
TAPS is a different kind of show though. Unlike most "haunted" shows, TAPS is more eager to debunk claims. The team will travel to a location, say, the Lizzie Borden house, wire the house for sound and video, take pictures, ask the alleged ghosts questions, use EMF detectors, etc. Basically, they scientifically decide whether there are ghosts on the premises or not. I'd say at least 75% of the time they decide that the claims are false. They will investigate and find other reasons for the alleged paranormal happenings.
Sometimes, they do have paranormal things happen. I remember an episode shot in a lighthouse in Florida. Plain as day, right on the video they shot, was shadow figure. They were at the bottom of a spiral staircase shooting up and this shadow figure leaned over the railing, looked down and then sped away. Freaky!
I guess that TAPS has made me feel better about seeing ghosts. I used to fear that I'd actually see a ghost in my house...but, after watching the show, I really don't think it's possible (not in this house anyway). Here are some things I learned from watching Ghost Hunters that make me believe this:
1. Ghost activity in a haunted building or piece of land is most likely to happen when there is remodeling, building, or moving going on...nothing happened when our place was built or when we've remodeled.
2. The locations they visit (whether they debunk them or not) usually have been having problems for a long time...I can't recall an episode where the tenants or owners said that all of a sudden they started having paranormal things happen...unless something significant recently happened.
3. I don't think TAPS has visited a condo.
4. There haven't been any issues with black cats...maxy is off the hook.
5. Despite the horrid smells that seem impossible to remove, they have never come across a haunted diaper pail.
I may sound silly, but I've always believed that anything is possible. I don't know that the Bible says much about ghosts...and there was that time back in Bible days where all the dead people rose again..wasn't it after Jesus rose again? I guess I'm just curious about this stuff...if you are too, you can tune in Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. New episodes start in September.

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