These pictures were taken exactly a year ago today. To look at Lorelai today and compare her to the baby in these pictures seems almost impossible. I can still conjure up what life was like on July 13, 2007. It was a week day. Tim apparently had an office day since he's in one of the pictures. That onsie was one of my favorite things on Lorelai. That onesie was one of the few things that fit her almost right away. The blanket Tim has her swaddled in only fit her for a short time. She is less than a month old and already we had stopped trying to fit her feet into the wrapping. We were VERY dedicated to the "Happiest Baby On the Block" regimen...as you can see, tim had her swaddled and was gently jiggling her head as she slept hapily. Tim was also reading a magazine...something i did often in those early days to clear my head or keep me entertained as I nursed Lorelai. I love the fact that you can see that the article was about Tomkat and Suri. I wonder if Lorelai will live with a curiosity for movie stars close to her own age as I do. I remember how days like this one would go...completely centered around the Babywise and Happiest Baby on the Block principles (which I'd highly reccomend). I think I will relax a bit with the other kids we have though...sometimes I'm a little too regimented...but watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and just try to tell me that being a bit regimented isn's vital to the orderly survival of a family. I'm guessing that the pictures we took of Lorelai and I outside were taken after her lunchtime feeding, because at this time I'm guessing my days went something like this:
4:00 am feeding
8:00 am feeding
get up, take shower, eat, maybe catch a dawson's re-run, pump, nap for lorelai
11:00 feeding
nap for lorelai
2:00 feeding
nap for lorelai
5:00 feeding
dinner for tim and i (hopefully minus baby crying), watch sinfeild re-runs
8:00 feeding
prepare bedroom for night night (bring in changing table pad, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, boppy pillow, pacifiers, and swaddle me blanket (which we all would have perished without).
Looking back on that schedule now, it looks like it could be listed in millitary time...but that's how we made it through the early days of new parenthood. I don't think it was what ACTUALLY happened with Lorelai that made us hold fast to a set regime, but what COULD HAVE happened that scared us into doing it. (when we were pregnant we all had those nightmare stories of babies that didnt sleep until they were 5 years old thrown at us). I think I'd do things mostly the same next time, but my brain would be MUCH less worried about it all...after all I think Tim and I got lots of sleep for being new parents and all...and who can argue with that?
It's neat to look back though. Lorelai probably weighed 10 lbs then...she weighs twice that now. We gave up the nursing Memorial Day weekend 2008. That onsie in the picutre probably wouldnt even fit over her head. She crawls, talks, pulls up, and eats real food. Having to tend to her in the middle of the night is a rare event. She wriggles to get out of my arms instead of laying peacefully in them. I can honestly say I love her WAY more now than I did the day these pictures were taken. I guess it's because I know her so much more...we've begun building a history together.

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