X phile

I've had 3 TV obsessions in my life so far...
1. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (circa junior high)
2. The X Files (circa highschool)
3. Gilmore Girls (circa married life)
Lets talk X Files. I discovered this show through my aunt around 10th grade. The first time i watched it, i wasn't hooked...I think I tuned in during one of the weirder episodes, and I didn't "get it". A short time later, I gave it another chance and the obession started.
The show covers the adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The agents are assigned to work on X-Files...files that the FBI has determined to be strange and unexplainable, I guess...UFO sightings, odd deaths...in short, lots of strange and spooky things!
I think it was on Sunday nights at 8 or 9 pm. I didn't miss an episode. I bought a magazine if Gillian Anderson (Co-star of the show, Special Agent Dana Scully) was featured in it. I had a t-shirt. My bedroom walls were decorated in memorabilia. The show even had an X Files Expo...a traveling event that once came to Detroit. I can't remember everything about the expo...i think they had some props from the show, items for sale, and some of the characters from the show were there. I met William B. Davis (who played the character known as "the cigarette smoking man") and got his autograph there. While my friends were buzzing about Backstreet Boys and NSync, I was pondering the existence of UFO's. I wanted to be Dana Scully. She was one smooth and confident gun carrying chick! I even had my hair cut to look like hers-a red bob. In the tenth grade, even my homecoming dress looked x-files-ish...i had the signature Scully bob on my head, a sleek black dress, and black gloves with black feathers around the top that went to my elbows.
I think you get the point!
The show lasted from 1993 to 2002. Since I became a fan around the middle of it's airing, I had lots of fun watching new episodes and catching up on the old. In 1998, they even made a movie...I still remember going to see it with my mom on the opening day. When i went away to college, my mom would tape the episodes I missed.
I'd kinda forgotten about the show...once in awhile I'd catch a re-run on tv, but that was it.
BUT....*drum roll* THEY MADE ANOTHER MOVIE!!!!
"X Files: I Want To Believe" comes out july 25th. I'll admit that when i first heard it was coming out, I was only 1/2 excited about it. I hadn't seen an episode in ages and I felt quite out of the loop...but, the other day, my mom (because she is awsome) brought over the complete first season. Tim and I have been watching episodes nightly...and after each episode I get more and more excited to see the new film.
If you're a fan too, you are probably hoping as badly as I am that Mulder and Scully will finally kiss!
3 cheers for X Files!

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Elle Bee said...

Aliens and alien-related shows scare me in every way imaginable. I have a friend who wrote and published a book about being abducted by aliens ("I Know Why the Aliens Don't Land" - by Jeremy Vaeni).

I'm a total wimp.