'specially for Elle Bee

The following post is strictly the fault of Elle Bee ;)
As she requested, here are my top celeb crushes:

Nick Lachey...this one started up...hmm...maybe high school. In college, the lovely world of Napster allowed me to download his music for free. Those were the days. Tim still teases me when I see nick on TV...I am allowed to retain this "crush" during my marriage BECAUSE Tim finds Jessica Simpson attractive also. Despite the downfall of a darn good-looking marriage between Nick and Jessica, I STILL own the book Jess penned on their wedding...fab photography.
The hair...the tattoos...all that meat. LOL!

Dean Cain...this one was circa junior high during his Superman days. Don't think about it much anymore because his is over 40 and hasn't done anything career wise to catch my attention in ages. But, back in junior high, it was all about that bod, that face, and the sweet personality of his character...what girl doesn't love a guy that can fly her around the world in a second?

An honorable mention goes to steve gonsalves from TAPS...he's got "the look" and "the personality" plus tattoos...and he isn't afraid one bit of ghosts...but, as he admits, he is afraid of just about everything else, including flying and spiders...I like to travel and I need someone around who can kill spiders for me. too bad.
Pictured together, I must say my crushes bear some resemblance...must have a celeb crush type.

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Nice... yum.