Felicidades Cuatro

Tim, Lorelai, and I had a relaxing family morning on the 4th of July. In my opinion, the 4th of July is the biggest American holiday...so what types of t.v. shows do you think would be airing that day? (here's a hint...usually on Christmas, there are Christmas movies...so...ok....your answer should be that shows about american history should be on.)


Now, I don't know what types of shows were on for the older population that morning, but the only thing on for Lorelai to watch was:

1. Dora the Explorer

2. Dragon Tales

3. Sesame Street

If you've never seen shows #1 and #2, I'll give you the basic synopsis of them...they are completely about learning spanish. Sesame Street isn't usually as heavy-duty with the spanish, but on the 4th, it was the theme of the opening act.

This bothers me...and NO, I'm not against Spanish culture or anything...I'm just annoyed that on our Country's biggest holiday, there was zero programming aimed at my child. At this rate, by the time Lorelai is in school, she'll know a dozen spanish words but will know nothing about US history.


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