The Empress' New Shoes

Recently, we got Lorelai her 1st pair of "big girl" shoes. At 13 months, she still doesn't walk...but she has gotten quite excited about crawling outside...especially on the pavement. Of course, crawling on the pavement soon led to a deeply scratched toe that has yet to heal, so we decided it was time to get her some shoes to protect her feet. (I love solving problems by shopping).

Buying these shoes was kinda a big deal for me. It all stems from my days working with the infants at the daycare. When it was nearing the time for the babies to be graduated into the walker room, we'd send them over to the walker room here and there to help them warm up to the idea. But, in order for the babies to go next door to the walker room, they had to have a pair of walking shoes. So, I guess I grew to equate real shoes with leaving babyhood behind.

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