Gimmie the Pooh

Last night, before Lorelai's bath, I decided to take some birthday suit pics of her. It's been awhile since I've taken any, and her booty couldn't be any cuter. As you can see, I had her stand next to her chair for the shoot. I snapped 4 or 5 pics and then left the room to get her towel and washcloth ready. I figured Tim would keep an eye on her while I left. I was gone MAYBE one full minute...when i came back, Lorelai was sitting on the floor...there was a small poo on the floor and another LARGE poo IN HER HAND...AND SHE WAS ABOUT TO PUT IT IN HER MOUTH! I yelled, in Chris Farley down-by-the-river fashion, "OH MY GOD SHE'S GOT POOP IN HER HAND!" I rushed her onto the changing table while Tim flushed away the evidence. I then proceeded to wash her hands 3 times in the bath tub while thinking to myself, "boy, that would have made quite a picture!"
Picture obsession reaches a new level.
Most parents I talk with have some kind of "playing with poop" story. I guess this is just another feather in our parenting hat.


Elle Bee said...


And I'm right there with you- picture taking obsession. I pretty much schedule each day around it, including outfit choices.

I should probably work on living a life worth photographing rather than photographing a life I stage.

Christa Robinet said...

Seriously Becca, you are like the funniest person I know. I am laughing out loud right now! Oh and I am totally with you on Lois and Clark...my fave back in the day!!!

Amy said...

What a great story. I couldn't help buy crack up when I read it. Oh, the things our children do.