Oh What a Night...

Well, holy crap. I just got back from seeing the new X Files movie...and what can I say? I'm falling in love all over again. I'm just about ready to load up my amazon credit card with X Files seasons 2-9.
Tim (fan-in-training)and my mom (veteran fan) went to the theater with me tonite. We had a great time watching the movie. I was quite embarassed that I apparently missed out on some enormous happenings on the show when i went away to school in 2000. Some of the greatest X Files fantasies I have hoped to see fulfilled between Mulder and Scully have already happened...in seasons 8 and 9 I'd guess. BUT, for good measure, I DID GET TO SEE A KISS ON THE BIG SCREEN! When it happened, i shot my hands up in the air and announced "I can die happy!" Apparently I'll die extra happy once I get my hands on those other seasons BECAUSE THEY HAD A SON AND I MISSED IT....#$!%#!!!
Of course, I have to add the disclaimer here that is is MY Blog and if I want to sound like a 10 year old spouting off with oodles of love for Miley Cyrus, it's my problem....and I do! (Not about Miley Cyrus though, of course).
Last week, I posted a blog about my all time male celeb crushes...it's time to give credit to my all time tv girl crushes.
Oh, geez, not like that. Sheesh!
Here are my all time female celeb girl crushes (the word "crushes" would be defined here as "women I'd like to be"):

Dana Scully. HELLO! Not only is she a brillian medical doctor but also and FBI agent. She carries a gun and uses it. She chases the bad guys and (there's just no other phrase for it) KICKS ASS! Who can't love this chick and want to be her? No one else has ever been so tough in high heels.

Ah yes, in the days of junior high, I wanted to be tough chick Lois Lane. She kicked some butt, she was witty, smart, and daring.

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