Things We Make Fun of...

I've decided to start a series of blogs called "Things We Make Fun of". Joking, mocking, laughing and teasing makes up about 50% of our marriage. The other half is made up of cleaning black cat hair off of white wall-to-wall carpet.
Oh, I'm kidding...but see what I mean? If we stop joking, we stop breathing over here.
Without further ado, installment #1 of "Things We Make Fun of"


"Lovin' at Eastwood Beach" took place at Stony Creek back when Tim and i were dating. We went swimming one day and witnessed some lovin' going on in the deep end. It was freaking hilarious. This man and woman were in the deep end all googly eyed. They were facing eachother, but the woman was floating on her back WITH HER LEGS WRAPPED AROUND THE GUY'S WAIST. For awhile, we kept stealing glances to see if they actually were "doin' it". I don't think they were. It was hilarious to us, though. If you've ever been to stony, you know it doesn't really fit the bill of "romantic location lovers should visit." It can't possibly be very romantic considering the state of the bathrooms there.
This joke has lasted through thick and thin. I think we recall the memory everytime we go to the beach there. I'm sure that we've even mockingly re-created it.

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Elle Bee said...

I was at a beach in Malibu and there was a naked man with 80s hair doing some chick. They were the only other ones on the beach besides my friend and me. We were trying to have a romantic breakfast, and minus the hairband bang fest going on, it was one of the best days ever. :)