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If you read my last blog about sailing (back on myspace) you'll recall my story about the canoe people and my lapse in judgement. Apparently, my brain isn't the only one lapsing...and GOODNESS! At least my brain only lapsed for a short time before I got down to helping some people who were in need. Nothing like using the faults of strangers to boost your ego (*eye roll*)

Yesterday we went up to stony to take the boat out. We weren't sure if it was going to happen. It's a long story why, but when it's really windy, we have lots of trouble getting the boat into the water at stony. We were standing in the boat yard assessing the wind...should we or shouldn't we...hmm, when i noticed a boat in the boat launch area that looked like it was having trouble. Since we were kinda far away, we got out our binoculars (yes, folks, it's true) to get a better look at the situation. If you've even been to the boat launch area there, it's like a huge rectangle. The shore opposite the docks is all rocks...and that's where the boat seemed to be stuck. Not a place you want your boat to be touching. Well, this time, I wasn't about to be a dip crap...we grabbed some rope and headed over to see if we could help.

There was a man in is 40's, (I'm guessing) his teenage son, and their daysailer (which was doing its best to sink). If you don't know what a daysailer is, it's a small, light boat. This one was about 14 feet long and 6 feet wide. The men were in the water up to their waists trying to get all the sails off so that they could try to tip the boat and get some of the water out. Not 20 feet from them were people on the shore SUN BATHING. NO ONE WAS TRYING TO HELP THEM. No one else was even interested! HELLO!

We got the guys our bucket so that they could bail the water out. We carried their gear while they stayed in the water and walked the boat around the perimeter of the boat launch area back to the dock. I kid you not, as we made our way around, this dumb kid actually started babbling some crap to us because he had to move so we could get through. I'll refrain from sharing my thoughts on that one.

We got the guys back to the dock and the dad thanked us for our help. He never seemed super excited that we offered our help, though. I think he probably was pretty embarrassed about the whole situation. He probably intended to bring his son out for some quality time in the great outdoors and ended up almost sinking his boat. I'm sure he wasn't feeling the best at that moment.

I was happy to be able to help (and redeem myself from last week's happenings). Being on a boat is weird...it can be so relaxing, but you can also feel so helpless when trouble arises (even when you are a foot from the shore, but all available persons are tied up with getting a tan).

I'm also considering turning this into a business, because AGAIN the park ranger and their boat was no where to be found. I could get a red suit and implants like Pam Anderson wore on Baywatch...and Tim could take on the David Hasslehoff role. I'll keep you updated.

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