Sesame Street Live Was a Hit!

I'm so blessed (and relieved)to say that Sesame Street Live was a hit!
I mulled over the idea of taking Lorelai to see the show for awhile before I bought the tickets. She ADORES Sesame Street and for sure is Elmo's biggest fan, but I was worried that we would trek down to the Fox theater only to have her be bored and cry.
Boy was I wrong!
Lorelai was a little fussy about waiting for the show to start, but once it did, she was blown away. Actually, when the show first started it started quite suddenly and quite loudly, so she did bawl for a quick second. I think it was a bit overstimulating for her at first, but once she got into the swing of things, she was jammin'! She did her little Elvis hip-shaking moves the whole time, while simultaneously bopping her head up and down. I felt so blessed to know that she was so entertained by the show. She watched every minute of the performance, and when it ended, she stared at the stage for awhile to make sure that it really was over. I really think she would have watched it twice if she could have. I don't know who had the most fun...Lorelai or Tim, Me, and the Grammies! Even when I wasn't holding Lorelai on my lap, I found myself clapping and singing!


A Thousand Words Thursday

I think they are officially "best friends".

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Wordless Wednesday

What happens when you tell Lorelai "No more Elmo".

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For All You Blog Experts Out There

So, I'm getting kinda bored with my blog layout! I could sit for hours messing with the blogger html settings...but, I have a life. Who has some ideas (or websites) where I can get a new layout? It would be nice to be able to display things on either side of my posts also...because pretty soon I'll be adding something new to my side bar (oooh!).


Timbits (Humorous Quotes From My Husband)

*While watching Sesame Street*
Tim: "Oh, I never knew Bert was a pigeon."
Becca: "Uh, He's not."
Tim: "Then what is he?"
Becca: "A guy."
Tim: "So he's not supposed to be an animal?!?"
Becca: "I'm putting this on my blog."


A Thousand Words Thursday

She wore her 1st ponytail yesterday..."My little pony, my little pony, love to brush her hair!"

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Wordless Wednesday

Sharing can be really fun.
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We Love Tot School!

Over the past week or so I have begun Tot School with Lorelai. You can find out more about Tot School by clicking here.
Tot School is all about exposing early learning skills through fun play. It takes place before your child enters Pre-K. There is no curriculum to buy and the only rule is that it be FUN. All the glory goes to A for introducing me to the idea :)
Not only has Lorelai been loving out Tot School activities, but I have been getting a huge kick out of creating activities and tools that fit/stretch her capabilities and knowledge. Here are some pictures of us Tot Schoolin'...
Music time with some Sesame Street hits:

Number time on our magnet board (thanks to target we got the board, letters, and numbers for a total of $4.50!):

Lorelai loves this color/shape stacker (thanks to buybuy baby we can all get 20% off their selection of Melissa and Doug toys with those never-ending BB&B coupons!):

Puzzle time:

I had fun creating the color cards, word spelling game, and alphabet garland. I even added a "polka dots", "stripes", and "plaid" card to the color cards. Cute!

I really feel that Tot School has renewed my passion for staying home with Lorelai. I'll be posting more about our learning adventures soon :)


A Thousand Words Thursday

Little did we know that the over-priced monkey we made that day would teach Lorelai to be a fabulous hugger and kisser. Best money we spent last year.
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Wordless Wednesday

..."baby you're (growing up) much too fast. Little red corvette..."

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What's A Dame To Do?

I light of my upcoming trip to Jamaica, I have once again begun the task of de-jiggling my trouble spots (assuming it is possible). It probably isn't fully possible in a little over a month, but, some progress is better than none, right?
My program involves using the treadmill almost daily, applying firming cream to my trouble spots, and continuing to eat all the foods I like.
I know these firming creams are essentially snake oil, but they sure make me feel better. Last week I purchased one of my favorite ones and started using it.
Three days ago I broke out in a rash on my stomach that I can't get rid of.
Honestly, it's like my stomach is crying out "please don't try to firm me!"
This is frustrating.
What's a jiggly dame to do? Actually stop it with the chips and chocolate and throw away the lotion?


A Thousand Words Thursday

I miss it already.

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Wordless Wednesday

Lorelai doesn't get to see her cousin very often, but it's always neat to see their little relationship progress. On this visit, they learned to hug.


Fun New Things

i love this sweater...what are the chances it will fit next xmas, too?

how cute are these little hippie moccasins my cousin got for lorelai?