One of my favorite parts of the evening is going in to check on Lorelai before I go to bed. There are days when 8 pm can't come fast enough and I'm rejoicing when she is down for the nite...but by the time MY bed time comes, all those feelings are long forgotten. I quietly open the door and instantly want to pick her up. Lorelai moves around quite a bit at night, and sometimes Tim and I comment that she looks like roadkill depending on how her arms and legs are splayed about. Tim used to not like the fact that I'd visit Lorelai before bed...he worried that I'd wake her up...but he has grown to love the tradition. I'll walk into her room now and Tim is right behind me.

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ninabunk said...

we do the exact same thing!!! sometimes she looks so cute sleeping i just want to pick her up and squeeze her!!