My Six Unspectacular Quirks

Finally answering the fact I was tagged...

1. I have to have our Brita water pitcher overly full all the time. I look at it when it is empty and think "if we suddenly lost access to water, we'd die in about 3 days....we'd better keep this thing stocked up! It would buy us a couple extra days!"

2. I hate pushing a cart at the store (the exception is grocery shopping for a large amount of things). I'll cram as much stuff as possible into one of those hand baskets just to avoid pushing a darn cart.

3. I personally hold it against people when they are in my way when I am shopping. I'm like mentally shooting daggers into their heads when this happens. Furthermore, it seems like there is always a stock boy either totally blocking off the cheese or the yogurt section when I go to shop. Yesterday, I went food shopping...oh BOY I really think the stock boy could read my mind...I was coming up to the yogurt, he looked at me and proceeded to park his cart so that it blocked off the whole yogurt section.

4. When I go shopping and I DO use a cart, I always have this battle in my head about what to do with it when the groceries are loaded in the car and I'm finished with the cart. We took this parenting class, and I remember discussing how we need to show our kids how to be good stewards of stuff...one of the examples was putting your cart back in the cart coral when you're done shopping. It really stuck with me for some reason...when I was pregnant with Lorelai, i was like the "cart-coral-user queen"....but now that I have Lorelai with me on shopping trips, it's hard...If the cart coral is like a parking spot or two away from me, I'm ok with walking over there...but I refuse to walk across the parking lot to put the cart back while my kid sits alone in the car. When I leave the cart in another parking spot, I have this mental battle that plays out in my head...I have to justify my actions to myself...I'm close to busting out for all that can hear "I know this is wrong, but I can't leave my child alone in the car!" OH brother.

5. I just plain hate telephones. If you notice, I make most of my plans over email. I have a really hard time talking to people on the phone. I think I rely heavily on body language or something...I really feel like I'm only getting about 1/2 of what people say to me over the phone...sometimes after I hang up, I fear that they have told me something spectacular and I didn't even hear it. I find myself just saying "uh huh...oh yes" without even hearing what the person has said.

6. Unlike most women (so I hear) I don't feel the need to wash new clothing before I wear it. What's the point? Do we think that the people at the factory actually have the time to try on the underwear while they are packaging it?


ninabunk said...

ok i feel your pain on almost all of them!!! especially the stock boy, and i am assuming you are talking about our crappy meijer, it drives me up a wall, and then when i finally get to the yogurt, it isn't even stocked and they don't have any of my flavors!!!

Christa Robinet said...

I don't wash my clothes either before I wear them. I'm with you on that one! Oh, and putting the cart back if the thing is far away from the car. Then I feel like my kids safety is more important than being a good steward!

scraps_n_stuff said...

step 1: put bags in car
step 2: take cart back (with kid still inside!)
step 3: take kid back to car with you!

at least that is how i do it! and do you know what maybe crawling around your jeans and underwear in those warehouses before your "new" clothes get to you house?!?! ewww! ;)