Things We Make Fun of...#3

I've thought long and hard about wether or not to chose this as a topic...but 99% of the time I'm writing on here I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing...maybe I should just start writing whatever I want and not worry. Sheesh.
I have to post this one...because last nite it had me laughing so hard that I couldn't even go to sleep. Tim was SO annoyed! Without futher ado...the 3rd installment of "Things We Make Fun of" :


There are 2 old worship songs that particularly get us going. I really don't know how this started for us...these songs are really never played anymore (at least not anywhere I've been lately).
#1 is "Horse and the Rider"
#2 is "King of Kings"

Here's a cut of "Horse and the Rider"

"I will sing, unto the Lord, for He, is glorious.
The horse and rider thrown into the sea.
The Lord, my God, my strength, my song,
Is now become my victory

The Lord is God and I will praise Him,
The Lord is God, and I will exalt Him!
This is my God and I will praise Him,
Just like my fathers, I will exalt Him!"

These words aren't exactly the ones I remember (but I am famous for not being able to hear the words right, making up my own, singing the song wrong for years...) I really thought that it was "I will sing unto the Lord for he has triumphed gloriously" ANYWAY, that doesn't matter. When Tim and I start joking about this song it absoluely has to be combined with the official "Horse and the Rider" dance. I should video myself doing it so you can see. Basically you stand in one spot and alternate kicking your legs in and out. If you are really cool, you put those hands up too.
My favorite thing to do with "Horse and the Rider" is to sing "I will sing unto the Lord for he has triumphed gloriously, the HORSE AND THE RIDER THROWN INTO THE SEA, bum-bum-bum-bum-BUM-BUM-BUM!" while doing the dance. This is exactly what i was doing in the hallway last nite at 10 pm, while Tim was yelling "you'll wake the baby up!" (nothing ever wakes the baby up).

Moving on to "King of Kings"

If you attended just one church service between the '80's and '90's I am SURE you heard this ditty. It was a hot one back when flowered dresses with shoulder pads and stirrup pants were in. Here's a cut:

" He is the King of Kings
He is the Lord of Lords,
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, JESUS! OOOOOHH! He is the King"

When you really got going with this one, you'd hold out the "OOOHHH!" as long as you could while spinning in a circle with your hands up...once you were about to hurl, you'd end it with a good, loud "He is the KING!"

For some reason, these popped into my head last nite and I just couldn't stop. Tim just wanted to go to sleep...he had a big day ahead of him...and there I was dancing and singing. I shut up for a few minutes...he probably though I was finally going to let him go to sleep. Then, I said to him,
"did you see the most recent headline on MSN?"
"No" says Tim.
"The Horse and the Rider were thrown into the sea!" I say.

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Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

ha ha ha ha ha. I'm belly laughing over here. It's terrible what you do to your husband. (I can say that because I often do the same sort of thing to mine. There have been way to many nights when he's been trying to sleep and I'm busting a gut over something I find amusing.)
I know the horse and the rider song but I can't remember the tune. The "He is the king" song is classic and it is fully appropriate to sing and dance to at 10pm.
Thanks for the mid-day laugh.