Saturday Sail

Tim and I took the boat out yesterday. We hadn't taken out the boat in 2 weeks (since we were at Interlochen last weekend) so we were eager to go. Seriously, I felt like our sailing skills were rusty! It seemed to take me forever to raise and lower the sails...even the anchor felt heavier...but, alas, we had a good time. We began our sail around 3 pm. Between 3 and 6pm it was a little windy for my taste, but as the evening went on, the wind died down. When we were on our last tack (of course!) the conditions turned perfect, which made it hard to go in!
We also discovered that the best $8 we've spent this year has been on an intertube. We came across a nicely sized intertube at the toy store and thought, "boy, it would be fun to float that off the back of the boat." When we dropped anchor for dinner, we tied the tube up to the back of the boat and took turns relaxing in it...boy was it nice!

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