Blog Olympics

Watching the Olympics for the past week and a half has caused me to develop a loser complex. Those olympians are amazing...I saw a story about one of the swimmers who won the first ever gold medal for her country 4 years ago. When she returned home from Greece, people were NAMING THEIR BABIES AFTER HER. And then there's Phelps with gold comming out his wazoo...and women more than 10 years older than me who are chisled like greek statues and running for miles and miles...you get the point.
Well, it's MY TURN NOW! I got my first ever blog award from
amy !!!
And since this allows me to award someone else, I am hereby awarding my friend andi . If you havent stumbled upon her blog yet, let me tell you, this is good stuff. Andi is a super green mom...she just began using cloth diapers...she is such a great recycler and she only sends about 1/5 of the trash bags that I send to the dump each week...PLUS, she has some great stuff for sale on etsy...AND rumor is that her husband (known to the blogging world as "B") cooks dinner every nite (*collective "oooH, ahhh"*).
The frustrating thing is that even though I've been awarded, I can't get this thing to show the links to amy and andi's sites. Guess I'm not really a blog olympian...I'll just show them the old school way...

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scraps_n_stuff said...

thanks! i love your new blog title!