I knew even before I had Lorelai that I wanted to stay home with her...but lately I've been a little in the dumps about being home all the time. I mostly think this is a case of "the grass is greener" syndrome. At this time of year, everyone is talking about either going back to school OR taking their kids back to school while they go to work. I feel like every magazine/book I read details the life of someone that has a super-cool job. blah, blah, blah.
Basically I just want someone to tell me I'm doing the right thing. I know.
Lorelai isn't as needy these days. There are times that she is awake that I very well could plop down and read a book...but I feel guilty if I do this...WHY?
Ok...somebody say something!


Elle Bee said...

Oh the irony, Becca...
I CONSTANTLY feel judged for being a working mother. Constantly. Even though I know that it is what God wanted me to do... and He confirms it all the time.

My suggestion is that you really seek out why you are having these feelings. If there isn't any substance to it, just wanting to be a part of the back-to-school movement, then let it pass. If God it trying to conjure up some desire for you to work, he's going to provide the right opportunity for you to do it.

If it means anything at all, I could totally see you working as a contributor to Etsy. And, I used to look a lot on Craigs' List for part-time jobs last year. I actually had one working as a the blog writer for a daycare, but then the Handprints gig came along.

Thank you so much for writing this.

scraps_n_stuff said...

okay, so i totally second the etsy idea! (i've thought that for months, ever since you started "grilling" me about it!)

earlier this year i bought/was given a bunch of school supplies from two former kindergarten teachers. i was so excited going through everything and reading ideas for classrooms. i told brad that after of year of not teaching it was the first time i truly missed teaching.

i've known for years i wanted to homeschool our children and with in the next few weeks L will start preschool with me.

while i won't be able to do everything with her that i could have done teaching a whole class, i'm excited to be at home with her.

while i'm excited to be home because that is where God wants me to be, i still need to be out of the house and have contact with people other than brad and the girls.

if it turns out your feelings are just desires for relationships i would start looking for things to do. mops, a library program, a book club for just you, girls night out, etc.

if your feelings turn out to be more, think outside the box what would you love to do, reach or the moon!

and as far as reading you need to take time for yourself with out feeling guilty. i was reading an article in babytalk, "'I NEED A BREAK!' take back your ME-time."
in a nutshell there are five rules they talked about:
#1 real "me" time leaves you feeling refreshed and regret-free
#2 stake claim to your "me" time by scheduling it on your calendar--in pen
#3 include other adults in some of your "me" time
#4 adult-only "me" time is ideal, but if that's too stressful, go to plan B
#5 trust that you will get your "me" time--eventually!

i'll scan the article and send it your way. but don't forget you can audio read while making lunch or playing with lorelai, that's how i read!

MICHELLE said...

i went through this with all my children and finally did something when my boys (now 14 months) were 6 months old. i would just say find something you truly love and go for it. if you don't know what it is yet, take the time to figure it out and don't rush it. good luck with it and i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.