Yesterday was my 1/2 birthday...nobody remembered. It's ok. I realize 1/2 birthdays are a product of being an only child...and since there aren't a ton of only children, well, there aren't a ton of 1/2 birthdays. My mom always remembers it though...well, not this year. I'm going to let it go because she spoils me all year long too ;) Tim remembers (if i give him a few days notice...which I didn't). I'll probably whine about it when he gets home...maybe he'll get me some ice cream.
ANYWAY...Lorelai and I had a fun day together. I took her to the Sterling Heights library to pick out kiddie books for the 1st time. Lorelai LOVES to "read". She really likes when I open up her closet and let her puruse her vast array of board books. She flips through the pages and points to the pictures, while uttering all her fake words. It's so charming to me...and every time I watch her do it, I think, "Maybe she'll be a reader just like Rory on Gilmore Girls and go to Yale!"

I really thought Lorelai would pass out from the sheer extacy of seeing all those kids books in one place...but all she wanted to do was crawl up and down the isles. I took the liberty of picking out some books for her. We brought home 2 of the Madeline books (because french things are so chic) and a book called "What's So Great About Being An Only Child?" (I picked this one for obvious reasons...it may very well sum up my whole life...but we didn't get past page 10 yet).

We also took a walk around the grounds of the library (which also include the police station and the civic center (whatever that means). There really are some pretty places to take pics...but Lorelai was really stuck on the crawling thing...so I didn't get many. Lots of statues, flowers, a big fountain, and a children's reading library. You should check it out!

After the library, we came home for lunch and a nap for Lorelai. After her nap, we were off to Kroger (you'd think the lady who checked my ID would have noticed it was my 1/2 birthday...nope!). We rushed home just in time to do our little tradition for dinner: mac and cheese while we watch a Gilmore Girl re-run on ABC Family. I also picked up some Ho Ho's (which I probably haven't eaten in a decade) for myself to celebrate my day...did you know that they put 3 in a package now?
After dinner we walked to the park...mommy was walking home from there kinda slowly...we had a long day...but it wasn't 1/2 bad!


Mariana said...
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scraps_n_stuff said...

so sorry i missed it, but at least i can now wish my brother a happy half birthday on friday! so glad to see you taking her to the library, isn't it the best to see them loving to read?!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Isn't it so exciting when they take interests in stuff like reading? Your daughter is so cute!