Tell Me 'bout It Tuesday

Welcome back to Tell Me 'bout It Tuesday. Each week I'll post about a mommy hood situation that's got me baffled. This is your chance to show off all your mommy smarts AND get answers to a situation that's got you confused. To participate, simply leave a comment with your smarty pants answer...and if you'd like, include a question in your comment that's got you puzzled. This will be a great time for all us mommies to help each other out and visit new blogs we haven't yet seen!

What's puzzling me this week:
How would you chose to spend your Valentine's Day if it had to be more of a family day instead of a day focused on romance?

Leave a comment if you've got an answer...leave your link if you need advice too!


jallen said...

I don't have an answer sorry, but I need advice and I don't blog! Ava has a stuffed lamb that is surface wash only and its white, or at least used to be! Any tricks to getting her favorite buddy clean again?

Becca said...

personally i'd probably take the risk and throw it in the wash (unless it is musical), but, another option would be to clean it the way we cleaned the toys at handprints. spray on some soapy water, scrub it, and then spray it with plain water.

scraps_n_stuff said...

i would take a picture now if you haven't already. that way you will always be able to remember what her lamb used to look like!

since it's still here i would go to sesame street live! or you could take a page from fancy nancy and all get dressed up to go out. dressing up and going to mc donalds is always fun.

Janine said...

Since it's hot here in South Africa over Valentine's, I'd definitely opt for a picnic with the family and make it special by adding heart shaped snacks and roses.

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

Well, I have a hubs and a son, so I would "let" them take me on a date after taking Alex somewhere fun. I think we're staying in and not celebrating, though. :(