25 Random Things About Me

Since about 25 people have tagged me for this, it's about time I did it!

1. My mom wanted to name me after Shirley Temple, but didn't care for the name Shirley...so she named me after one of the characters Shirley played in a movie: Rebecca in "Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm".

2. My great grandmother came to America from Poland. Her family hadn't actually planned to send her to America, but, the little girl that lived next door was signed up to come to America. The little girl next door got sick, so at the last minute, the decided to send my great grandma on the trip instead. Talk about luck.

3. I've recently become obsessed with scuba diving and shipwrecks (especially in the Great Lakes). I've even had dreams about it at night.

4. When I have money to spend my favorite things to buy are beauty products and craft supplies.

5. I wish i could join the navy...is it too late?

6. I'm not the fearful person I used to be. I've pretty much lost my fear of the dark and have even started watching scary movies again.

7. If I could magically start living the life of a TV character, I would totally become Dana Scully from The X Files. I think her character would be the most awesome woman ever.

8. Since I hit about 22 years old, I've had a hard time remembering how old I am. Sometimes I actually have to sit and think about it..."Ok, so I was born in 1982, this is 2009..."

9. I look forward to going back to school for a second degree or master's degree once all my kids are in school full time. I think a lot about what kind of career I want to have.

10. Tim proposed to me at The Whitney in Detroit. I knew he'd be proposing soon, but I actually ended up being very surprised because he proposed at the begining of our date. I had spent my whole life assuming that you got proposed to at the end of an evening.

11. I think about the possibility of getting in a car accident every time I get in a car.

12. I used to be really afraid of hospitals when I was younger but now I find them to be fun.

13. I had only met Tim once or twice when I told my best friend I was going to marry him. Too bad she doesn't remember it.

14. If what I want to order off a menu has a dippy name like "Mama's Lusciously Cheesy Ravioli" I will just tell the waitress "I want the ravioli". I hate dippy words that describe food and I refuse to speak them.

15. I eat at the computer quite often. I get crumbs in the keyboard all the time. Now, every time I try to type "5" it comes out like "56". The 5 and 6 key are stuck together. I'm sure it is my fault for eating at the computer, but I have yet to confess this to my husband.

16. I've always wanted to know what it is like to get arrested. I've never done anything to deserve it though, so I guess watching COPS will be as close as I can get.

17. When I'm out with Lorelai, I'm often struck with the sudden fear that I have left her somewhere, that she isn't in the car with me. I'll look in the back seat just to make sure. And no, I have never forgotten her!

18. I'm still upset that I don't have many pics of my college graduation...like pics of me with my family that day. The ceremony was outside and it was very cold and rainy. Everyone just wanted to take off right after it was over.

19. I like shoveling snow. Our condo complex shovels our snow for us, but sometimes I go and shovel our drive before they arrive just because I enjoy it.

20. I love the look of abandoned, run-down buildings. I wish I could spend a few days taking pictures of them.

21. When I was a kid I entered a scarecrow in the Michigan State Fair. It looked like a regular scarecrow except that his shirt was unbuttoned and there was the superman "S" on his chest. I had high hopes, but he only won 6th place.

22. I still vividly remember the night a man came up and stole my mom's purse in front of a Frank's Nursery. I remember that we listened to Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted Snake" on the radio on the way home. I can't hear that song without thinking about that whole ordeal.

23. I almost never carry a purse or diaper bag anymore. I'd actually buy a man's wallet if I could find one that could hold my jo ann's and archiver's coupons.

24. I actually have a good time when I have to see the gynecologist because we joke around so much.

25. I almost never follow a pattern when I craft...the same goes with recipes and cooking.


Lauren said...

I soooooo agree on the dippy food names! I HATE that.

Christa said...

i'm with you on #8. since 22, it always takes me a few seconds to remember my exact age. and i never remember josiah's either.

Janine said...

#17: I have a different take on that: those stories of people forgetting their children in the car freak me out so much that when I'm driving on my own, I frequently check in the back seat just to make sure there's no one there to forget!