Recent Tot School Fun

So, we have been tot schooling here and there, I just haven't had the time to blog about it. Lorelai is terrible 2-ing, so it makes having an actual school schedule a waste...I just pull out an activity when she seems interested. Sometimes it lasts a half hour and sometimes I just walk away wishing I could move to Jamaica.
At least I am honest.

She finally likes her string bead sets!

Totally copied this idea from another mom...get a container with a small opening and throw some clothes pins (or popsicle sticks painted different colors, etc.) in it. This amuses Lorelai greatly! She loves putting everything in the container then shaking it out.

She loves to paint!

Green play dough for St. Patty's. The web is full of make-it-yourself play dough recipies...don't be lazy! Try it! I did and I don't think I'll ever pay for the brand name stuff again!

We've been working on shapes and colors for weeks now. Play dough is a great way to teach them both. If you watch PBS in the morning, perhaps you have heard that silly Steve singing the shape song: "...line, line, circle, circle...". Well I started singing it with Lorelai and whipping out the shapes at the right time and she LOVES it. Lorelai basically likes anything set to music, so I have been singing TONS!


scraps_n_stuff said...

thanks, now i have the ssong stuck in my head again! i haven't heard it for several days, i guess it was time anyway. ;)

SchoolinR'Home said...

The bead set is really neat!

Fellow TOT Schooler,

Bernadete said...

I love the play doh activity! Looks like a great week!

K, @ Heart said...

That bead set is really cool! I never seen anything like it!