Our Easer weekend included:
2 colds
missing someone special
irritations about job changes
a 2-year molar
But, when you mix that all with a heavy dose of easter candy and some relaxation, it all turns out into some fun.
We also took the boat out for the 1st time...forgot my camera though! Too bad, because our trip proved that we really know what we are doing now...we never had to get out the boat manual and I don't think we used ANY 4-letter words. Amazing!


ninabunk said...

what are you talking about, you look way more put together than me!! believe me by the time we got home, maddy had some black gunk all over the back of her dress

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

It sounds like your Easter turned out great. Your outfit is WAY too comfy looking. *Note to self: Buy leggings for that blue, maternity dress. Got it!