In Love With Lake St. Clair

Last Saturday was the 2nd time we took the boat out this year. The conditions really could not have been more perfect! Tim and I sailed around off the coast of metro beach for about 10 miles. Heavenly! The wind was cool, but the strong sun kept us warm.
For Tim's birthday last year I bought him a gadget that holds the tiller in place, so basically you set your course and are free to relax. It worked great! We were able to both lay back on the benches and chill.
There just isn't anything better than being out in the middle of the lake with some chardonnay and nothing to do but listen to the waves. ahhhh! I will miss the boat this weekend!

The best 1st mates always fuel up with a homemade breakfast cookie :)

Captain Timmy who "forgot" to put sunblock on....again!

Best seat in the house.

The view you get if you take a nap on the benches.

Lake St. Clair through one of the port holes.

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Lauren said...

Sigh...Lake St. Clair and Metro park...memories of my childhood! Once upon a time I could look out my living room or dining room or bedroom window and see the lake right there past the yard. :D I still remember the year we saw a deer swimming through it behind the house and the time the huge piles of ice pushed up into the yard. Actually, I have home movies of both of those events.

Of course, now I look out my window and see a different, but just as beautiful body of water. I never see deer or ice in it, but I often see dolphins, manatee, and sea otters!

Sounds like you guys had a great time out on the water. I hope you get lots of chances to enjoy it this year!