Thanks everyone for your support on my last post. Seriously, it means a ton that you'd each take the time to help me feel better! I'm working through this phase successfully thanks to you all.
I guess it's easy to get a bit wrapped up in your thoughts when you're"
1. an "over-thinker" like me
2. home a lot...with a person that doesn't talk back
One of you reccomended a Bible passage to read. That was awesome...it actually was a passage that I chose as "my" passage back in high school, because I knew even back then that I was destined to be a certified worrier. Well, I had kinda forgotten about it until yesterday, and it really helped me think. When I opened up to that passage, there was also a devotional on that page that was describing exactly what I had been worried about...in a nutshell, it described that status and money wont necessarily make your life better. I'd always planned on going back to school for my masters once my kids were older and recently I'd been regreting not doing it before Lorelai came along. So, basically, it was good to hear that...sooo basic, yet sooo helpful.
I will also inform Tim of the 3 votes for us to have another kid...he should have quite a great quote on that one.
I think I will see if there are any writing opportunities out there, too...hmm...that will probably mean some kind of writing sample I'd need to throw around...any suggestions on how that's done?
Ok, now time for a fun post.

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Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Here's a great way to throw your hat in the ring.
I don't think this website pays out to contributors, but you could get a nice following over there. :)
Good luck!