Pacifier Habit Breaking...I Should Get Myself An Infomercial

So, it's the end of "No More Paci" day one. Here is the breakdown:

Morning nap: went in at 10 minutes to comfort her...almost went in after another 15, but she was already asleep!

Afternoon nap: went right to sleep (I am not making this up)

Bedtime: babbled a few words, then went right to sleep (again, this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth)

Only to add to my amazement is that after Lorelai's morning nap it became very apparent to me that she wasn't feeling well. She never had a full-on fever (99.7), but she was running "warm" on and off all day and had bouts of crankyness. When this began, I had this mental battle in my mind: "Dang...she did great without the thing for her morning nap....I REALLY dont want to give it back to her for the afternoon nap! If I dont give it back to her and she is miserable, do I suck?" I decided to see what happened, and, as you can see, it went great.
It did cross my mind to tell my husband (when he called from texas) that the whole taking-away-the-paci-shebang was going awfully. I probably could have conviced him it was taking such a toll on me that he'd have to cancel his upcomming guys' weekend so I could go to the spa.
This only occurred to me AFTER I told him how proud I was of Lorelai's progress.
I really am proud of her. We've always said that she is an "easy baby" (i guess we need to start saying "easy toddler")and after today, I'd say that title can be etched in stone for her.
I hope that this post doesn't upset moms who have tried to take away the pacifier and it just hasn't worked. Perhaps every kid has a magic age when they are ready to give it up without a fight...and maybe today was that magic age for Lorelai.
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ninabunk said...

actually maddy was like that with her bottle, i just one day cut it out and haven't seen one since!! good job!

jallen said...

WHATEVER!!!!! I am that mom that has tried- OH WELL! Maybe we will start today? I have a few hours to decide before nap time:)

jallen said...

well, i did it. Nap was not so bad. She cried for 20 mins, but then only slept for an hour and tonight so far so good! She asked to go to bed at 7:30pm and with no daddy home I said OK:)