Sunny Afternoon

It occurred to me today that I won't be able to do these fun photo shoots forever...in a few more years, I'll have to promise a new toy as a reward...starting around 12, I'll have to promise a new outfit...and hopefully she'll let me do my own version of her senior pictures (make that freshman, sophomore, junior, AND senior).


Elle Bee said...

Great shots!

I have Lilah's fall outfit ready for her shoot. I'm just waiting on the right shoes... :)

ninabunk said...

those are so cute, where did you take them??? it should probably also occur to you, that once she starts moving, you won't be able to keep her sitting there!!!

scraps_n_stuff said...

yeah, were did you take them?
and nina they will sit still if you shove a bowl of cheeze-its in their face!!!! at least L will! ;)