Chalupa Gets An Authentic Outfit

If you've ever heard me call Lorelai "Loopie" and wondered how that started...well, here's how: For like the first three months of her life we kept her swaddled quite a bit. It really kept her calm and helped her sleep well. Tim commented that she looked like a taco bell chalupa one day, so, we started calling her "chalupa". "Chalupa" eventually got shortened to "Loopie", so, there you have it!

This past week Tim was in Mexico and got to visit the marketplace on his downtime. He picked up a handmade dress for Lorelai. I think he said that after haggling he got it for $9. I think that's a steal considering all the hand embroidery on it. I know it's not something you'd see at BabyGap, but I think it's a beautiful dress because of all the handiwork.


jallen said...

I love her dress! Ava has a few dresses like that from Mexico. THey are so cool because no two are a like:)

Janine said...

What a beautiful dress.

And I love the swaddling. I did that with all three babies and it works a charm. Easy to pick them up too!

Lauren said...

She is such a cutie!