Love and Gas Fumes In the Air

My thoughts on the season premier of The Office...

I really do wish I had a big brother just like Michael...being close to someone who thinks SO highly of himself no matter how stupid he is would surely benefit anyone.

If I am forced to visualize Dwight making love one more time, I may get angry.

No couple is cute enough to warrant a gas station proposal.

The proposal took place when Jim was feeling quite low and lonely...am afraid that is shaky ground to be proposing on....will it last???


ninabunk said...

well thanks for ruining it!! we have it dvr'd and are watching it tonight!! can't wait!

scraps_n_stuff said...

oh, but it was so perfect for them!

so were you thinking the only reason they weren't losing weight was because someone is prego????

and the "shoe tree" = my mom!

Elle Bee said...

The Office roots are in "real moments" since it's a reality-documentary. Jim and Pam aren't about appearances. I choose to believe that he proposed when he was realizing just how much life sucks without her around. And when you know you can't live without someone... what else is there to wait for?