Might Be Your Typical Merchandising...But At Least It's Educational

Lorelai is really taking an interest in all things Sesame Street. I really love watching her get excited about Elmo on a soup can, big bird on canned corn, Elmo on a box of crackers...man, just wait until we pick up a Sesame Street potty seat! She'll go through the roof.
Right now, PBS is running their donation drive, so, between each morning TV show, they are showing a commercial for Sesame Street Live, which is coming to the Fox in February. I've never been so excited to see a commercial because Lorelai goes nuts for it...well, ok, the exception would be that commercial for gas X...
"Your son rip is on line toot."
That one gets me every time.
So, anyway, during this Sesame Street Live commercial, they show clips of all the characters and then separate images of Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, etc. Here are Lorelai's replies:
Elmo: "Ah-Ba!"
Big Bird: "Buh-Buh!"
Cookie Monster: "Nuh-nuh-nuh!" (this one has to be the cutest, because I would always point to CM and say "yum-yum-yum-yum" in my best attempt to impersonate the sound he makes when he eats cookies, and now she has her own interpretation).
All characters together: "ah-ah-ah!" (akin to a small dog yapping)
I knew before I had Lorelai that the only kid-centered show I'd be able to digest would be Sesame Street Live...this was further confirmed after some really bad live kid music a few weeks ago. I really didn't think I'd be taking her to Sesame Street Live until she was like 3 years old, but I am seriously considering taking her this coming February. Does anyone else have experience taking their kids to this show?...in February Lorelai will be like 20 months old...is this a good idea? And- where do they sell Sesame Street clothes?...I think we need some shirts ;)


ninabunk said...

you are to funny! we took maddy to see the backyardigans live, she liked it, i def think she would love it now, being 20 months!! one of my friends took her daughter, and she said def plan on spending $50 if not more that night!! tickets are expensive too, i think we will wait till she is a little older to do another show!
what time were you thinking tomorrow for the park?? i have something in the am from 9:30 to 11:30 but after that i am open.

Mariana said...

We took Jordan and my niece to see Dora when they were 20 months and it was a HIT!! It was a little long and they did get antsy but most of the shows get the kids involved so it was not that big of a deal!

Elle Bee said...

I don't need to remind you how much fun Lilah had at Sesame Street Place. We are probably going again next year... I'm sure Lorelai would LOVE the live show.

And, I write you this as Elmo's World is on in the background. Elmos is thinking about hats.

I'm glad I have a friend who I can talk SS with. I adore it almost as much as Lilah!

ninabunk said...

that should be perfect - email me your number and i will give you a call if i am running late

scraps_n_stuff said...

you know we love SS over here. we almost took L last year and i would love to take her this year if we can $$$$.