Guess I Just Drew the Short Straw...

This week turned into a bit of a head banger. Tim was out of town on business Monday through Friday. Well, lucky me, Lorelai was sick MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY! On Monday she acted funny on and off and ran a low grade fever. At 8 pm I put her down thinking that I'd paid my dues for the day and could kick back and relax. It's probably a good thing I did (for a few hours at least) because when I went to go to bed at 11:30, I heard Lorelai talking to herself. I figured she was just kinda wondering where her pacifier was, so I let it go while I got ready for bed...buuut, it just didn't stop. I went in to check on her. As soon as I opened her door, I was hit with the smell OF THE INSIDE OF A COFFIN FROM 1890!!! I pick her up, and her pj's are wet. I think you can infer what happened next.
As soon as I get her changed into clean pj's, strip her bed, and put on clean sheets, I pick up my poor crying 100 degree fever baby and SHE HAD POOED THROUGH THE CLEAN PJ'S!
OK...3rd pair of pj's for the night are on and I make Lorelai some Gatorade. I figure we are in for a long nite, so I take a chair cushion, lay it on her floor and sleep in her room with her.
(positive side of being up with a feverish diarrhea baby at midnight? she sleeps until 8:30 am)
Next day, we have all kinds of science experiment diapers and grammie comes over with pad thai for mommy (enormous shout out to sy thai) and yogurt and pedilyte for loopie, who entertains us with some man sized toots.
Since Lorelai took such a long nap in the morning that day, I decided not to give her a second nap. This seemed to be a fine idea...until it was 10:30 pm I had a baby that freaked out if I even took her near her crib. I have NEVER had any significant sleeping troubles with Lorelai, so this was majorly odd. I knew she was beyond exhausted and had probably gotten a second wind BAD! I still wonder how late she would have stayed up if I'd had let her. I still figured it would be another long nite, so I was planning on sleeping on her floor AGAIN. I really felt mean, but I was pretty worn out, so I decided to see if she'd fall asleep if she thought I was sleeping. I put her in her crib and layed down on my little makeshift cot and acted like I was out, For 10 minutes she cried...then she stopped...after 5 minutes of silence I got up to turn off the light...
I seriously saw one of the most disturbing sights in my LIFE!!!
Lorelai was sitting up in her crib with her eyes half open and unfocused and was swaying back and forth! She looked like something that belongs in a seance...or a haunted house. THE KID FELL ASLEEP SITTING UP! I seriously thought I wouldn't fall asleep that night!
After 10 more minutes, after 11pm, I'm sure, I finally had a sleeping baby.
A sleeping baby that still got up at 7 am.
The next day (Wednesday) Lorelai vacillated between looking fine and being highly irritable to the point of not being able to sleep. She still wasn't eating much.
Time for the Doctor!
Despite all I had been through with her I was still majorly afraid that I'd show up at the Doctor's and they'd say "She's fine!" I was kinda relieved when he said that her stomach was majorly gurggly and that she was suffering from a stomach virus.
I will also say that I think the stickers they give the kids at check-out are magical, because soon after the appointment, she was on her way to recovery!
I asked the Dr. if she could be around other kids...he said, and I quote, "It depends how much you like them."
I like this dude.
We, in fact, very much like our little friends, so I knew that we'd be staying away from them this week. I had been looking forward to a Thursday AND Friday play date (especially after being stuck home with a sick baby for 3 days and no hubby). When Tim got home Wednesday evening, we talked about her having to miss out (correction: ME having to miss out) on her two play dates and I started to cry!
Today (Friday) we did go out with my parents to the cider mill. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Lorelai's appetite was finally normal today, and her diapers had been normal since Thursday. I had been meaning to take her out with my parents for some time now...I feel like they are always babysitting her (which they LOVE) and haven't had the chance to see her "out and about" lately. It was a good time!
Once we all returned home with some yummy thai food, I looked over at pants-less Lorelai...and...OH MAN!
The carpet cleaned up quite well.
We are REALLY missing daddy, though. This weekend was his long-awaited annual guys weekend out near GVSU.
And this week was apparently my time to shine as Super Mommy.
I guess it is unfair to Lorelai to name this blog "Guess I Just Drew the Short Straw..." After all, I wouldn't have chosen to be the one out of town when she fell ill.
I think I shall check out the Prioroty Club website and see where I can spend some of those points on a hotel room soon, though.


ninabunk said...

what a drag!! bree went through the same thing with scarlett, but it lasted longer than a week!! i could have brought u some pedialyte, i keep it in my fridge for emergencies!! please don't ever be afraid to call me!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Ahh--those marathon tummy sessions are exhausting.

Funny we are in the middle of one just tonight...Mine is 6 so I just threw the boxer shorts away : )