Photo Shoot

Since a few of you were wondering, I took Lorelai's pics yesterday on the grounds of the Stony Creek Nature Center. I'd highly recommend going there if you want some great pics.
I'd like to go back to the park and do more once the leaves start changing...plus, I planned on taking more photos with the coat on, but it ended up being quite hot and sunny. poo.
I was a tad disappointed in the pics...I had all these visions of what I wanted. I had first decided I wanted to do pictures there earlier in the summer when the WHOLE field was in bloom with these purple flowers (weeds). I knew we'd probably missed the flowers and I guess most of the poses I wanted require a child who walks well. It would also have been nice if Lorelai would have taken her afternoon nap instead of refusing it. We kept trying for certain poses until I started feeling like a naughty pageant mom. I was hoping for that magical shot of the kid trouncing through the tall weeds (yes i did check for snakes) with their new super cute pea coat flapping in the breeze...didn't really happen. BUT, I'd say we got a few cute shots anyway.
How do I get a job being the person that barks ideas and orders at the photographer?

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