I Guess I Could Have Hidden It Inside a Magazine...

Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to the local library. I've really come to enjoy reading ever since I graduated from college (talk about bad timing). I tend to read more during the fall and winter, when my list of possible activities dwindles. I didn't want to feel left out with school starting and all, so I've begun my more often trips to the library a little early this year.
On my last trip to the library, I got 3 fiction novels. Two had been recommended to me, and the 3rd I choose completely because of the title and cover. Sad to say that I only finished the 3rd.
Yesterday's trip, I had a list of types of books that I wanted to read that read like this:
great lakes shipwrecks
alien abduction

I'll blog about the other two subjects later, but right now, I'd like to focus on the alien abduction entry.
I remember being in science class when I was very young...I can't remember exactly what the subject was, but my guess is that we were discussing all the different species of animals and how we are still today discovering new ones. The main gist of the discussion was that "we may never know everything that exists, because our eyes can't be everywhere at the same time."
That mode of thinking has stuck with me for my whole life, and is probably the main reason I am a fan of the X Files, Ghost Hunters, and those shows on the science channel about the lochness monster, Sasquatch, etc.
Yes, I am serious and I do understand if you are laughing.
The way I see it, earth would be a bit boring if we were to assume that "we have it all figured out" or "none of this creepy stuff exists, it's just folklore". I like thinking that someday we may find that big old hairy monster in the woods. Maybe the melon heads really do exist in west Michigan. The list goes on...
So, anyway, We've been catching up all all the X Files episodes thanks to Netflix, and it's go me to thinking "What really IS up with all this alien stuff?" So, when I'm curious, I get a book!
*Sigh* I didn't get a book, because I was too embarrassed!
I stood in front of the alien books for a good five minutes. The whole time I was convinced the people at the desk behind me were looking on thinking I was crazy. It was like when you have to purchase embarrassing items (you know what I'm talking about) and they SET OFF THE ALARM AS YOU ARE WALKING OUT OF THE STORE (this just happened to me a few months ago...perhaps that's why I am extra sensitive about the alien book thing- I haven't yet recovered). I was also afraid the lady at the checkout counter would say something....so I thought, "hey, I'll just pick a serious looking one, that way, I won't look weird."
Uh...none of them really looked serious.
There was one that made me SO curious though. It was 11 tips for people who are trying to get visited by aliens...I kid you not.
In the end, I chickened out. Maybe next time...closer to Halloween. Should pass right under the radar then.

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Janine said...

Haha. I don't think I believe in aliens, but I AM fascinated by the topic. Who cares who laughs about it?