Time To Celebrate

So, when I started to think about Mother's Day this year, I'll admit my first reaction was some guilt (what else is new?). This year I have really started to dedicate time and effort to getting into shape, trying new things, and having regular girl kid-free girl time. I adore running and my other activities now, but every mom knows that when you take on something new, you feel like you take some time away from your kids. I know for sure I feel this way...take for instance the dream I had about leaving Lorelai at home by herself so that I could go scuba diving.
The thing is, I've learned that taking time out for myself is making me a better person and a better mommy...so, I guess I shouldn't feel guilty!
Ok, I'm convinced, I do deserve to celebrate and get some presents :)
I'm thankful that I have such a happy, adventurous, Sesame Street-lovin' kiddo to be a mommy to. I love hanging out with such a care-free little person.
I am also very thankful for my husband who works SO hard so that I can stay at home with Lorelai and not miss a moment.

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