Costume Consensus

So...I finally decided what to dress us as for a Halloween party I am attending with Tim.
When I was little, I was always allowed to participate in Halloween activities...the only thing that was frowned upon in my family was devil or witch costumes.
We know exactly what happens when something is off-limits for a child: child can't wait to partake in forbidden thing once they are an adult (or earlier, once they know they can hide the forbidden partaking).
I got a fab deal on the devil kit at Jo-Ann's...Im cutting up my black graduation gown to make a spooky dress. I even got the scary makeup!
Greatly looking forward to indulging my spooky side.


ninabunk said...

can't wait to see pics!! make sure to take some!!

Christa said...

oooh you are a crafty one! Cool idea!

AUC said...