Master Carver

For years before I met him, Tim worked in construction. I love having a husband that is so handy...and I love to see how his handy-ness spills into everything he tackles.
When we were first dating, we carved a pumpkin together. This wasn't just your run of the mill pumpkin carving...Tim thought it would be best if we used HIS JIGSAW! Boy was the face on that pumpkin perfect!
We also built a gingerbread house when we were dating. I kid you not, he couldn't build that gingerbread house without a tape measure. I have a picture somewhere of us building that house. For all I know, he probably used a level, too.
This week, we carved our pumpkin. Tim searched the internet for ideas and we settled on a pirate theme. He must have spent OVER AND HOUR carving that gourd! The results were great, though. We can't wait to light it up tonight!

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Lauren said...

You get major points in my book for carving a pirate pumpkin! That rocks!