Who Wants To Be My Halloween Hero?

Ok....I need ideas for a halloween costume. I am in the process of sewing Lorelai's costume (somewhat annoyed with myself for this...do I always have to be "martha" with this stuff?), so I'd rather not have to do much work...also don't really want to spend too much money either...I've already begun Christmas shopping!
Extra points if you have a costume in your closet I can borrow. *hint, hint*


Lauren said...

I have several costumes in my closet that you can borrow. Wanna come get them? It's just a short little trip down to Florida. ;) I have a pirate costume, Renaissance dress, and a superhero costume. :)

scraps_n_stuff said...

one year i wore my wedding dress, wings, a crown and i had a wand.... i was a fairy princess! the best part i got to wear my dress again and the other stuff i snagged from my sister for the night.

Eve said...

Good going..! I can't wait to see your Halloween costume. Keep on the good work.