Double Giveaway: ecostore USA

In my last giveaway, I told you a bit about ecostore USA and their collection of products made with "No nasty chemicals". Well, here is your chance to win more!
A few nights ago, I tried ecostore's Baby Sleepytime Bath. I've tried most of the popular lavender-scented baby washes on the market. They do smell good...but, ecostore's version has got me hooked! Baby Sleepytime Bath isn't actually a wash, but a liquid aromatherapy product that you add to the bath water. I confess that I've been adding it to my own bubble baths every night! It smells SO good AND it makes me yawn!

I also got to try ecostore's Vanilla Conditioner. I've never seen such a light-feeling conditioner repair my hair so well...and the smell? Ahh...I felt like I was washing my hair in a sunny field of flowers. LOL!
So...this is your chance to win some super-pampering stuff!
Just leave a comment to enter...you can win extra chances by becoming a follower or writing about my giveaway and linking back to my post. You've got until March 27th to enter...the winner will be notified on the 30th.
Good luck!


lisalmg said...

I would love to win some pampering EcoStore products! The Vanilla conditioner sounds like it would smell amazing!
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

lisalmg said...

I'm also following your blog. Thanks!
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Did you pick a winner for this giveaway?