Kate Gosselin Live

Tonight I had the privilege of seeing Kate Gosselin speak. (Major thanks to LB for thinking of me and getting FREE tickets to me).
I've been a follower of Jon and Kate Plus 8 over the past 2 years. I'm not the type that tapes every episode and can identify which kid is which, but the show has kept me company on nights when Tim was out of town, and I have immense respect for Jon and Kate. The fact that they are both still alive is amazing enough...add to that the fact that all 8 of their kids still have all their appendages and are fed and clothed regularly and you've just got an amazing amount of work going on between 2 parents.
We all know that Jon and Kate's marriage has been under scrutiny lately...part of me felt badly that she was making an appearance during this time...another part of me wanted to see what was going on...well, you can see which part of me won out. As for the rumors, Kate began her talk tonight addressing them. She said that the only magazine out there with accurate info is People because they actually did an interview with them. Kate kept the talk about that light: "I laugh about it so that I don't cry," she said. I don't remember what else she said about it because instead of sitting there sympathetically listening, I was overcome with star-struck-ed-ness and was snapping photos. Yes I instantly felt guilty, so lets drop it.
I must say that Kate looked WON-DER-FUL. She was sporting a purple knit dress and black peep-toe pumps (in case you were wondering). Apparently the 5:30 am workouts are paying off. I never realized it until my husband said it today...and here is what he said: "If you get to meet her (Kate) tell her that she is HOT!"
Call me strange, but it made me love him more.
For about an hour Kate spoke about all the major events and emotions surrounding her fertility issues, the birth of the twins, the possibility of an adoption, and the pregnancy and birth of the sextuplets. Some things she said I remember exactly from the show...some things were new to me...but one thing is for sure: she was just like she is on the show. She is honest, open, and owns up to the fact that she isn't perfect. She is confident in the person she is. I know everyone isn't a fan of her personality, but tonight confirmed my belief that no one else but Kate Gosselin and her personality could function so successfully in such a unique family situation.
I thought that seeing Kate speak tonight would make my world feel smaller. Have you ever visited a famous place only to find yourself asking "Is this it? It looked so much bigger/ more glamorous on TV!"
People have their opinions about Jon and Kate. Trust me, if you bring up their names, conversation will suddenly start flowing. Save that one in your back pocket for a bad blind date. BUT, I can honestly say, after hearing Kate speak tonight, I have even more respect and admiration for her than before. My world isn't smaller, but I feel smaller. I don't know if I could have what it takes to be Kate Gosselin...to love 10 young children and travel the US encouraging other moms at the same time.
I have to add that when I walked in the door tonight after arriving home, I cried. Part of me feels so guilty for "wanting a piece" of Kate. Isn't bearing the burden of raising 8 kids enough? Who am I that I should expect her to travel hundreds of miles and take time away from her family to tell her story to me? Especially in the midst of her marital turmoil.
I was lucky enough to be able to get Kate's autograph. When Kate took my ticket to sign, I said "Thank you for taking time out to be here. I appreciate it." I can't remember exactly what she said back, something like "of course" or "you're welcome". She seemed tired. I can't imagine why the hell I and the other 300 women in the room thought it was ok to make her sit there and sign our books and tickets...shouldn't we let her go home and relax?
Getting the autograph was no picnic. The venue really should have dismissed us by rows and neatly into a line for autographs...but instead they let us out in one big mob...and then requested that the mob get in a single file line. HA! Those women got pissed, and the thoughts suddenly crossed my mind that I'd rather be in a room full of men than standing there with those autograph hungry women...and why don't we send armies full of autograph hungry women into wars instead of heavily armed men? I'm telling you, those women would be more intimidating...but, i digress.
God Bless Jon and Kate.

The line to the door 15 minutes before the doors were to open.

The lovely Kate

Eat your hear out, Tim.

My mom insisted this was THE bodyguard. I let her have her fun.

My mom gave up her chance at an autograph to take my pic with Kate. Someday the guilt will go away.

Mom and Kate


Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

It's so nice that you were thought of and were able to enjoy this evening with your mom.
I can understand how you would feel torn between excited and heartbroken to be seeing Kate. I pray that she and her family get through this hard time.
Thanks for sharing pics!!

Elle Bee said...

I'm glad you covered this story since I couldn't go :)

I'm also glad you had fun.

Janine said...

Wow. I recently visited the US and watched Jon and Kate on television. I hadn't heard about them before. I SO admire them - they seem so calm and together. I can barely hold it together with my 3!

ScrappinAway said...

I also am a Jon and Kate fan. I would have like to see her as well. I know that she does what she has to do to provide for her family...what mom wouldn't. I also pray that her and Jon are able to weather this storm in their marriage and make it though stronger that before! Thanks for sharing.

Eighty MPH Mom said...

I can imagine you did feel a little heartbroken - I felt that way last night after viewing their season opener. I'm surprised they are going through with this season in light of all that is (or isnt') going on. It's very sad!

Anonymous said...

That's cool that you got to meet Kate! I've had some mixed feelings about her...sometimes I love her and how she holds herself together, other times I despise her from the way she treats Jon. I love the kids though! They're all so adorable! I don't think I would mind being a nanny for her kids. Any idea how I could let her know or contact her, etc.?