Cheesecake Does Good Like a Medicine

The last thing I'd ever want to admit is that I could be disappointed about a Christmas day.
So, I won't.
But, i will say that we have a child on our hands who:
1. does not understand what a gift is.
2. after seeing a few gifts opened does not think to herself "huh, there are toys in there...man...this is good!"
3. would rather walk around in any part of the house as long as it is not the room where gifts are being opened.
4. would rather read a used book she got 4 months ago than play with anything mommy gave her for Christmas.
Cheer me up with some memorable reactions your kiddies had, ok?


jallen said...

Ava put her hands on her legs and yelled " LOOK AT ALL MY PRESENTS!" We had fun this year. Give Lorelai time it is a little overwhelming!

Janine said...

Aww. Another year and Lorelai will be grabbing those gifts and loving them. My 2 year old was so into Christmas this year. Last year? Not so much.

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Alex took one look at his radio flyer retro rocket and squealed with delight. He ran to get his dad and then wasted no time in getting on that new toy. :)
Next Christmas, I bet Lorelai goes ballistic.