What's Your Christmas Eve Tradition?

Tonight before bed we'll be reading The Night Before Christmas. Tim and i have been doing this since we got married. The copy of the book we have is the same one I grew up with. It is actually a pop-up book. I remember having it as a child...opening up the little window on the house when the guys peeks out to see Santa...spinning the wheel above the children's bed as they dream of sugar plums...pulling the tab that makes Santa disappear up the chimney.
The funny this is that I always have to search for the book on Christmas Eve. I can never remember where we left it the year previous! One year we read it in bed and actually left in under the bed until the next Christmas. It was easy to find that time...but this year i started looking for it early, and it is ready and waiting for tonight.
What is your Christmas Eve tradition?


jallen said...

We are having a BIG mexican dinner, making cupcakes for Jesus, watching The Veggie Tales Christmas movie and reading The Night Before Christmas! Should be fun:) Everything is a new tradition except reading The night Before Christmas, we started that one when I was pregnant with Ava!

Becca said...

oooh...if i were santa i'd say hold the cookies and leave me some guacamole!